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Beauty Product Reviews

My favorite

This is the one brush I could never live without. There is no other brush that can line my eyes with dark powder eyeshadows like this can. It smokes out color and blends with no streaks and makes even dark colors look so natural. And best of all there is NEVER any shadow fallout with this!! No more tugging at the skin under my eyes to remove dark shadow. I use it every single day and no other liner brush comes close to its perfection.


I am officially in awe of Sonia’s abilities. I own about 20 high-end pencil brushes and nothing even comes close to the perfection of this brush. I will never use another pencil brush again. Soft but dense, blends the shadow seamlessly on my lid. Absolute perfection.

Absolutely Perfect

I am a brush fanatic and own hundreds of handmade brushes from every brand - Koyudo, Chikuhodo, Hakuhodo, Eihodo, Bisyodo, Wayne Goss - and Sonia G’s brushes are by far THE BEST!! They always do exactly what I want them to do and are the prefect density, softness, and bundled to perfection. They also get better the more you use them. I never order brush sets - this is actually my first set ever - but I am so happy I did because there are brushes I wasn’t sure about that ended up being favorites. The large angled face brush is my favorite right now. It applies bronzer like a dream and puts it exactly where I want it and blends with ease. I don’t normally enjoy angled brushes but this one is absolute perfection. The “inochige” is my other favorite brush and it is THE PERFECT blush brush!!!! It places blush on the apples of my cheeks and blends it upwards. It is exactly what I’ve been looking for. This brush feels like squirrel hair but functions like goat hair! I don’t know how Sonia does it - she is literally a magical brush genius. The small blush brush is the perfect “one and done” brush that has short enough hairs to be directional but they splay out enough to blend the product perfectly. The smallest rounded detail brush I will be using for eyeshadow blending or highlighting my eyes. It is a little too directional for face highlighting but perfect for eye work (I have a large eye area). The fan brush is beautiful and firm enough to have great control but soft enough that face highlighting looks natural. This set gives me complete joy and I will cherish these brushes forever. Thank you Sonia!!!!


Great brush. It is the perfect size for my crease, super soft, and ends my crease color beautifully. I especially like how pointed it is but still fluffy enough for a blended application. love.


This brush is unique. It is soft but still thick enough to buff powder foundation onto the face. I love it. I have many brushes and my favorites are flat buffer brushes and I have more than I’d like to admit... but this one is different and special. Functional but still extremely soft. Excellent.


Just as great as everyone says... couldn't be happier. wish I had purchased it sooner. I use it for powder contour and light blush application.


Love how easy and fast this is to use. It's my go-to brush for my foundation in the morning, and that's saying a lot since I have about 10 high-end foundation brushes. I like it better than the beauty blender. Gives a great finish to my foundation.

Best crease brush ever!

I own several WGoss brushes (7 to be exact) and this is the one I would buy first if I lost them. It fits perfectly into my crease, is softer than soft and gives a perfect finish. LOVE.

GREAT brush

If you are considering this brush, buy it. I love it. Great for cream foundation, powder foundation, or regular powder. I'm sure it also works for liquid foundation, but I don't use liquid so I can't say. Also amazing as a blending brush. The bristles are soft but not too soft, super efficient. LOVE it.