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May 07, 2013

Bec S.

Hi Hope! So great to see you here on Beautylish. We love you too!

Ahhh, you're my 100th follower! Thank you! :D.

Mar 01, 2013

Hope M.

You're welcome<3.

Feb 13, 2013

Iman I.

Thanks for the follow =)

Mar 01, 2013

Hope M.

no problem

Jan 09, 2013

Vinnae H.

Thanks for following back! <3

Jan 15, 2013

Hope M.

no problem :3

Jan 08, 2013

Tilly P.

Thanks for the follow! 

Jan 09, 2013

Hope M.

no problem, love(:

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Hope M.

Location: Pennsylvania

PopRoxMakeup ~ I LOVE Beautylish! (Makeup Junkie)

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About Me

I support beauties! <3 :D http://punkemololitachic.deviantart...

My Models fan page:

Hey! My name is Hope, and I LOVE doing makeup art. I am a beauty student, amateur makeup artist, and makeup junkie. I want to also go to a college at some point for skin care, art (drawing), photography, music, and acting. I've struggled with my self-esteem/self-confidence and went through allot of depression. I'm a high school senior. I hope to get better at this, open my own freelance makeup artistry, travel the world (can't wait to get outta here) and maybe have my art featured in magazines and stuff. I am open to doing collaborations and requests. I love playing with makeup and putting it on my friends and family! When my friends need help with anything makeup, they come to me. I fell in love with the art of makeup after watching a few gurus on Youtube. Now I am completely addicted! <3 xoxoxoxoxo I don't really sub4sub, follow4follow, or watch4watch. If you sub/follow/watch me and there's something that stands out to me on your profile that I like for some random reason, I will sub/follow/watch you back. <3 <3 <3

And dude, I'm part Irish, British, Native American, and German (Mostly German out of all of them, because it on both my mother's AND my father's side). Idk what else. And I'm absolutely OBSESSED with accents! And, since I love to act, I practice talking with different accents. And sometimes I will randomly slip into one of them! I'm such a freak! LAWL!

I am strongly against bullying of anyone for any reason, whether for race, gender, sexual orientation, stereo type, skin color, religion, accent (who could hate an accent xD), eye color, language, or disability. We are all a part of the human race and are were made in the image of a God who loves us dearly (He just doesn't approve of what we do always), and we should treat each other as such. I have went through pretty much every type of bullying, physical, verbal, mental, and even cyber bullying. I am androphobic as a result of being physically bullied by guys on several occasions during my childhood. It's hard for me to talk about it, but I want you to know what I've been through. If you're being bullied, don't give up &don't give in. That's what they want. That's what the devil wants. Please, tell someone so they can help you. If you can't find anyone else, please message me. I'll be glad... no, honored to help you through this! I love you and my prayers are with you, though I don't know you, your past, or your name. I pray God will help you though this. <3

INSPIRATIONS Charlotte "PunkChyaz" Samual: She was the main reason I got into makeup art. I was looking up the music video to Flyleaf's song "Sorrow" on and saw her tutoriel to Lacey's look in the sidebar!

Michelle Phan: She was the first makeup guru I watch a video by. I watched the tutoriel to her Lady GaGa "Poker Face" Inspired look at the librarry without sound because they don't have speakers! It was before I had internet at my house.

Leesha"xSparkage" C.: She is just such an inspirational artist! Seh does allot of really vibrant looks and her videos are full of energy and personality. Not to mention she is just so gorgeous!

Kandee Johnson:

Juri-San(Sandra)"JurikoLovesHIM": She got me into a whole new world of makeup and hair!

Emy"EmyExtasy": She was the first person to do a collaboration tutorial with me!

Ana Arthur:

Bubzbeauty (Bubbi):

Tanja "Rose Shock" "QueenOfHerz" "Rosette":

Leda "LedaMonsterbunny" "HaiLedaBear" "LedaBunnie":

Kassie K. "Unique Desire"

And much more!

Eye Color: Blue
Complexion: Fair
Skin Type: Normal
Hair Color: Red
Hair Texture: Normal
Birthday: May 06
Age: 27



Q: Do you wear contacts?
A: No, but I want some colored ones and circle ones for looks and stuff
Q: How did you get into makeup art?
A: Well, I was actually just browsing Youtube. I was looking for Flyleaf`s music video for their song Sorrow when I spotted a video on the side where it has suggested videos. It was a makeup tutorial for Lacey Mosley`s look in the video by a Youtuber called PunkChyaz. After watching it I fell in love with the art!
Q: What's your favorite website?
Q: Where do you get your hair dyed/cut/styled?
A: My house or a friends house
Q: What's the best advice you've ever received:
A: Take good care of yourself physically. The healthier you are, the more beautiful. Have skincare and personal hygiene routines, eat healthy (no crash diets or binging) and exercise. Also proper sleep does wonders, as well as making sure you don't get too much sun exposure (use at least SPF 30 sunscreen)! And stay well hydrated! Drink plenty of good old H2O. (I'm currently working on all of these myself. They take practice, so get in the habit ASAP!)