Beauty Product Reviews

Must Have If Your Serious Abt Makeup!

This was given to me as a gift and Ive never looked back! First of all, it is exactly what you and I need to turn dull colors vibrant. Next, this tube will last you FOREVER!! Im going on...two years I think of the same one and I use it just about everyday. A little dab is all you need. Seriously, if you dont have a primer yet, this is the way to go!

Good First Try!

All I could find was Charcoal, I'd like a little bit darker shade, but beside that I find it easy to use, which was my biggest worry. It lastes a long while and makes creating wings easy!! :D


I looooove decorating nails and I found this stuff at the DOLLAR TREE and I love it so much! It makes french tip nails a breeze, it drys fast and there are an assortment of colors!

Works Wonders!

My friend gave me this for my birthday and for any big outting I wear it and my makeup last all night smudge free! AND if you forget to wash it off at night, it magically removes itself smudge free while you sleep (no really it does! I dont know how xD)

4 Words

CANT.LIVE.WITHOUT.IT!....oh the thing wants me to write more...CANT LIVE WITHOUT IT CANT LIVE WITHOUT IT CANT LIVE WITHOUT IT! Ok? The balm is great, its smooth, not waxy and it lasts a long time.

Good Product But Not Enough

I was so excited when I purchased this product because I go through too much eye liner trying to get thick lines. This product is perfect because its thick to begin with. The only things I was sad about was that what you see on the tip, is what you get!