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Lauren M.

I purchased this mascara as part of a set from Yves Saint Laurent that featured the mascara, the Touche Eclat, a black waterproof eyeliner, and a small bottle of makeup remover. I purchased the set while I was traveling in Scotland, so I'm completely clueless as to whether or not the set is/was available in the States. I will get straight to the point - this mascara produces an absolutely breathtaking effect on my eyelashes. It's the perfect amount of lengthening and thickening, and is so easy to apply due to the fact that it has absolutely no clumping tendencies. It's not an extremely dry formula, nor is it wet to the point where it's messy to apply and it certainly will hold a curl. I have, however, noticed one problem with it, yet I'm unsure as to whether or not I'm the only one who's had this problem, because I don't see it mentioned in any of the previous reviews. By the time I've had the mascara on for seven hours, I notice serious flaking and a little bit of smudging underneath my eyes. I do not have oily skin, and I've never had problems with mascaras smudging under my eyes in the past, so it leads me to think that it's the mascara that is causing this and not an issue regarding oil on my skin. Regardless, I am willing to wipe away the smudges and touch up as soon as I notice problems because of how incredible the effect that this product gives my lashes is. I highly recommend it to anyone who is willing to spend the money on an excellent mascara.

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Hannah M.

This mascara is awesome. It is pretty expensive ($40) But I believe this little gem is well worth the money. The quality is unreal, you can really tell a difference between your drug store mascara and this mascara. Lashes feel velvety- never clumpy and look thick and voluptuous. This mascara is also, surprisingly, easy to remove with your standard makeup wipe. Go get it girls!

Lola L.

This by far is the most amazing mascara that I have tried. It is well worth the price and I can tell you that I get tons of compliments on my eyes when I wear it. I am always going to make sure that I have this mascara in stock!

Kirsty S.
My favourite mascara

I have been using this mascara for years and i love it.

I sometimes think i will try an alternative but i always regret it.

It is really good for creating length and thickness and it also picks up the small lashes.

There are two downsides one the brush can get clumpy so it needs to be cleaned regularly so the brush still works to max and the product also dries out in about 3 months so if like to mix up your mascaras it might become dry before you get to the end.

I would recommend this mascara to everyone and i choose no other mascara.

Bianca T.
Doll Eyes

I use this in shade 9 (Plum) but have used shade 1 (high density black) in the past, and it is the most incredible mascara I've ever used. I use two coats and it volumises well, lengthens greatly and holds a curl wonderfully. It also has a distinct rosewater scent that is typical of YSL. A single tube lasted me ten months (even though it dried out a bit after three). Absolutely brilliant!

I haven't yet found a mascara that compares. For me, it's worth the £22.

Angela D.
really gives false lashes effect
Photo of product included with review by Angela D.

I love this! most volumizing mascara i have ever try.. I have asian short, thin and straight lashes. used this along with shi seido mascara base. my lashes become long, thick and it holds the curl! <3 recommend this to anyone!

I prefer the original than the radical noir version.


Saidah J.

I use black one. its one of my favorite mascara. in my top 3. Also i like chanel immitable. and YSL mascaras forever. its perfect mascara, long lasting, dont smudge and etc

Huda A.

This is my heart, yes. I LOVE IT. It is worth every penny. People always wounder if am wearin false lashes when i put YSL on. they are amazing. I love the Black & the brown one too the only downside is that it dries out in the tube very fast. :(

Linda D.
Best color mascara

I bought number 8 in sublime grey and it is gorgeous. It has a shimmer to it that adds a little edge to the lashes. I love this product more then anything right now.

Angela M.
Beautiful Color

This is one of my first mascaras in a long while that is not waterproof. I normally wear waterproof mascara because I have allergies, and my eyes tend to water. The waterproof version of this mascara, however, does not come in burgundy, so I took the plunge and tried it out. This formula is great... it does not make my lashes clump, and it give them quite a bit of volume and length. I do find that I have to curl my lashes after applying again because this mascara causes them to droop, but I'm guessing this is because I'm used to wearing waterproof mascaras, which hold a curl much better. I love the burgundy color as well... it shows up as a beautiful dark, warm brown and is less harsh than wearing black. I tend to only apply this to my upper lashes to minimize the chance of it running if my eyes water, and I apply a different waterproof mascara to my bottom lashes. This does not smudge or flake throughout the day, and wears a good 12 hours. I would definitely consider purchasing this again!