Natural Mineral Foundation


Natalie L.

I was introduced to Youngblood in a salon that i started working in - and still do. From the day i changed from 'Revlon Colour Stay' to 'Youngblood Loose Mineral Foundation' was the day i found true happiness with my coverage and the lasting power of it. It lasts all day which i haven't been able to find with any other foundation i have used before; Nude, Revlon, Loreal. As i wear a full coverage of makeup everyday, i find it important to find a balance between the health of my skin and the chemicals that are often found in Makeup. That is why this foundation is so perfect for me. I have dry skin and because the minerals (only 4) are of such good quality, my skin breathes throught the day without blocking my pores and causing breakouts. The colour range suits all types of skin tones and shades and every imperfection can be covered to the extent of just how you want it. I absolutely love and would recommend this foundation to all my friends.

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Anna F.

I'm not a girl that likes, or really needs a lot of coverage, so I like to stick to the loose powder. Like the description states, it is really silky, and goes on very nicely. Youngblood makes a shade for everyone, from very light to very dark, and everything in between. I'm very happy with this powder, and most Youngblood cosmetics in general.

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Jacqueline F.
Best mineral foundation on the market

In the past, I've found that mineral powder foundations aren't ideal for someone who prefers a fuller coverage AND has oily skin. After trying this foundation, that all changed. The amount of coverage I can get with this product is incredible. It's actually a buildable coverage, depending on the brush you use -- fluffier creates a lighter coverage which a more dense brush gives more. I happen to like more. What I like even more was that this holds up pretty well with my oily skin and doesn't immediately go shiny like a lot of mineral makeups.

I think it's great for all skin types and all coverage preferences. Definitely worth a try!

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Olivia D.

I was not a fan of powder foundation until I was introduced to Youngblood. This powder foundation is truly full coverage. I was able to watch a tattoo cover demonstration using this product by one of their pro artist. This product does not feel heavy on the skin, and when it has had time to oxidize, looks absolutely stunning. I definitely recommend this foundation to anyone looking for a new powder foundation.