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Jenny P.
544 - Sinless

This is a new shade which isn't listed. It is a very pretty light metallic pink. The color is awesome, but as others have said, it wears off fairly quickly.

Aliana R.
No pigmentation

There's no pigmentation in this whatsoever. Reminds me of an adult version of a Lip Smacker except no taste or color. It also takes a few swipes to even "cover your lips."

Maggie M.
Looks great!

I bought this a while ago wanting to try it out, and I really like it! It adds a glossy effect while adding a slightly darker color to my lips that I love. It fades quickly though, so I would carry it with you to apply throughout the day. Good gloss for the price.

Dallas Lynne S.

I've been using this lipgloss since I was 12 before I ever knew anything about makeup, and I have to say that I love this lip gloss. This lip gloss is very pigmented and lasts awhile. Even though I don't wear lip glosses or lipsticks very often, this lip gloss is awesome.

Nadia N.

Its very pigmented and for the price its a steal! I love the pink color on me and I had the brown and the red when I was in high school in middle school. It is still a great gloss especially for being on a budget or makeup beginners.

Melissa B.

These are my favorite lip glosses that I own, I have 578-sinless & 563B0-sun glaze. The pigmentation on these glosses is so amazing that you don't need to wear a lipstick with them because on their own they give off enough color. They come in 13 beautiful colors and a clear one that's great for mixing with pigments or eye shadows to make your own color. These have a slight sweet smell to them that I happen to love, and they are not at all sticky. They aren't like super long lasting, but I don't find many lip glosses are anyway, but they last about an hour or so for me. These are so worth trying ladies, I like you will come to love them as I have and I plan on picking up the rest of the colors this week.

Erica H.

I really like these! I picked a few of them up at Walgreens when I found them on sale for less than fifty cents! They come in a lot of pretty colors too. They aren't sticky at all. The only downfall to these is that they don't last for a crazy amount of time, but it's not too bad either. They have a nice amount of pigment to them as well. I didn't really notice a distinct taste to them. Definitely going to be picked up more of these!

Elizabeth M.

There are very good pricing i got the sinless cause i loved the swatch i did on my hand in the store so i figured i'd try it out. i went to go use it today and barely any lipgloss came out it smelt weird and tasted funny :(

Qian W.

These are so pigmented, apply easily and last a decent amount of time. For the price I think they are well worth it. There are tons of awesome shades to choose from and they are a perfect balance of shimmer and gloss.

Kristen A.
Oh my... Cake Batter & Fantastic!

First let me say, these lip glosses smell like cake batter to me. So yummy! It needed to be said, haha! These glosses are $1.99 and come in a wide array of shades. They have a doe foot applicator. They are my second most favorite lip gloss, coming in second only because they aren't very long-lasting. The color payoff is fabulous and they are great worn alone or paired with a lip color. They aren't sticky, which is a HUGE factor for me with lipglosses. They aren't drying either. The only downfall for me is that they wear off fairly quick. Aside from that, I still feel they are worth a try! I recommend these glosses so many times!