Wet N Wild

Mega Last Lip Color


Eva C.
My Favorite Nude!

It has been a bit of a challenge for me to find a nude matte lipstick for my yellow/warm-toned fair skin in the cold months. All of my summer nudes are too dark, and I didn't want to spend a heap of money on one lipstick. I had tried Wet'n'Wild lip products in the past and have not liked them too much. However, after hearing so many YouTubers mention the MegaLast lipsticks, I decided to give them a try. And I love them. They aren't too drying, and they last a really (really) long time. I like to rub my lips together a lot when I wear a lip color, so I like for the formula to feel moisturizing. These practically feel like silk. I've never tried such a highly pigmented, long-lasting, or simply flattering lipstick before. And for $1.93, I repurchased a few more, some of which are now my go-to lipsticks out of my entire collection. I am so impressed!

Leah E.

I have 8 of these and love every single one! They have en extremley high colour pay off. They are also very moisturising and are comfortable to wear unlike many matte lipsticks. The price point is absolutley amazing, I would be willing to pay a high end price for the formulation of these! Extremley good stayin power and I have no big complaints. The only thing I am not fond of is the packaging but for the price I dont care.

Rebecca M.
My lips but better shade!

I love love these lipsticks, but this shade in particular is beautiful. Mad lipstick that literally is the most perfect my lips but better shade. Lasts a long time and is very cheap!

Carr B.

A few days ago I bought Megalast Lipstick for the very first time in Rosebud and I had it on for about 5 hours until I ate something and it didn't feel that dry and it didn't cause any dry cracks and lines on my lips so I thought the formula was fine. I also had got a few other colors and they did dry my lips some,and today I exchanged the Purty Permisson which was too bright and had more of a blue cool tone on me,(even though most women describe this color as a warm orange type color,) and I got Sandstorm instead which is a warm reddish,brown,orange pretty color on me,and I had been wearing all of these colors with no lip balm at all.

So today I bought Chapstick after I wore the Sandstorm for 2 hours without any,and after I took it off, I put Chapstick on first and then put on the Sandstorm again,and it felt nice and moisturizing,but then about an hour later it still started to feel dry,and when I looked in the mirror,my lips had all of these cracks and lines and flaking skin that I never had before! The colors are really pretty,but it's just not worth it to get dry cracked lips from it! I don't like goopy,greasy lip gloss on my lips either,but it's still much better than this! When lips have moisturizing lip sticks,lip balms,or gloss on,they look younger and fuller,but when they are dry and cracked they look unattractive,thinner and older! There are other long lasting lipsticks by other brands that don't dry out your lips,like NYC Expert Last Lipstick etc.I only have ever used a few lipstains,and many women say that they can dry lips too,but I never experienced anything like this wearing them for hours! Wet n Wild really needs to improve this formula and add more moisturizers and somehow make this lipstick with less of whatever ingredient(s) cause such dryness and cracking!

Rose C.

Most amazing lipstick ever! The first time i applied it, I knew for sure i'd be purchasing it again. The colours are beautiful, and very opaque too. It glides on very smoothly and isn't too drying. Also I love that Wet n Wild doesn't test on animals. I'd recommend this to a friend any day!

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Berenise V.
Amazing pigmentation!

My top two favorite are the bold 'cherry bomb' and 'sugar plum fairy'. They are long lasting and if there is some wear to my lips they don't completely come off they leave a nice stain. And the pigment is spot on! I love the matte finish and they're super affordable. They're color range is amazing and i truly thing that for the price they are incredible!

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Saby T.
Meh !

I bought a couple of shades of this lipstick not only to try them out,but i also wanted a few Ysl lipsticks but i wasnt sure if the lighter shades would suit me so i got the cheapest dupes ! I like the colors,the texture but not the longevity of these lipsticks.I cant really complain since their only $2.It literally came off/disappeared after 15/20 minutes (idk if thats bcz of the mist i used but it doesnt happen with other lippies) and i had to re-apply again.It glides on smoothly,yes,but isnt moisturizing ! But anyway, i got the dupes,the shades suit me,going to get myslf some ysl now ! Btw it has a weird smell !

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kia O.
very nice
Photo of product included with review by kia O.

I dont live in the us so i ordered it on beautyjoint. com. I never had red lipstick before but i really love this one.Its more pinkish and stains my lips everytime i use , it but its very longlasting and non drying.I gonna buy me some more. I heard that mochalicious, red velvet,raivin raisin, vamp it up and cherry bomb are some good lipsticks :))

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Noelia G.
Amazing Color!! In Love with this Lipstick

I love this lipstick! It has a beautiful color that lasts all day. I surely recommend it and will buy more of the WNW Mega Last Lipsticks. They are great and so so cheap!! I especially love this color because it comes out to a pink/peach color that is so vibrant and can go with any outfit.!! Overall I give it a 5 star. It can be a bit drying but I always apply some e.o.s before I apply my lipstick.

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Ashley C. Team
Super pigmented!

After reading several reviews on these lippies, I had to try it for myself. Now I must say I was pleasantly surprised for $1 lipstick! I'm usually not a huge Wet N Wild fan, but these are amazing, especially for their price. Although their packaging really sucks and is super plastic, the pigmentation you get is worth it! They are very creamy and don't dry out my lips and usually last a good 3-4 hours. These are also really good way to try different lip colors without buying a super expensive favorite brand first. Definitely a must try.. I mean it's only a $1!

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