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Mega Eyes Defining Marker


Katrieka J.

I love, love, love this liner!!! I bought one at the dollar store as a last minute purchase (i was late for church) and I fell in love with it. Unfortunately I dropped the cap and couldn't find it (turned up under the tv stand a week later) and ut dried out. Went back to get a new one and the store didn't sell them anymore. I'm devastated!!

Nelly R.

It's ok I don't like like the fact that I have to be tilting it to the side to line my eyes.like the tips shape if it wasn't for that problem I would have gave it 5.not such a lOst because the price is not bad.

Erica H.
No. Just no.

When I first took this out of the wrapper and put it on I loved it! It had a thin point so I could make it as thin or as thick as I wanted, it was very dark, and easy to use. Literally the next day when I went to use it again it was dried up. I got it for like $2 at Fred's so it's not like I lost a lot of money on it, but I could have spent my $2 on something better.

Penelope A.

This is my favorite eyeliner ... I find the marker eyeliners so much easier to use than the liquid liners. It's around $4 which I think is a great price. I've only seen it available in a true Black color, I'd like if it came in Brown too. Pros: 1) Easy to apply 2) Long lasting 3) Bold color 4) Steady flow of product, no clumps, globs or running Cons: I can't think of any! Haha

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