Wet N Wild

Cover All Coverstick


Mae R.

I dont like its stickiness but i love how it covers well. I think you need to add a small dab of liquid concelor to help give it a extra boost

Faye B.
love it!

i have the hard candy glamouflage & immediately after i apply it, i put this own. i feel like it does what it says, it covers my under circles & break outs & it lasts all day. for around $1-2 i think it's an amazing concealer. i use it every single day & i love it! i have repurchased it more than once, i have 3 times & i have a back up just incase. it's definitely worth trying! i usually buy mine at walmart or riteaid, wherever you buy your wetnwild products.

Annabel L.
too light, good eye primer tho

if you have tanner skin, DO NOT BUY THIS there are only three colors (well at my cvs there were only three) and even the darkest one was too light for underneath my eyes i use them as an eye primer tho and they work well

Elizabeth S.

this product is cheap and it also last a while but it is also cakey. I use it for my eyelids which are oily and it creases if I don't use eye shadow. It doesn't cover undereye circles but I use it as a primer for my lids. I like it for its price but could be better if it wasn't to cakey.

Colette R.
Cakey, Not really good for undereye.

So, I got the lightest shade and I tried it after suffering a few months without a concealer. It isn't really for my under eye circles, And cakes up really easily. On my blemishes it works really well, But It doesn't last throughout the day without at least two touch ups. I love all WNW products, But this one is just sort of a miss.

Isabelina B.
EH. cakey

i got this a couple of weeks ago but I really don't like it for my undereye circles. it looks cakey and doesn't blend out well. i DO use it as an eyelid primer and it works really well, though! :)