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No Longer Available D.
Amazing Palette!
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The colors in the Pride palette are so pretty and super pigmented! I love blues and greens! Wet n Wild seriously is one of the best drugstore eyeshadows out there. These palettes are great for beginners and even the pros out there! They last all day when you use a great primer. I love that these palettes come with matte & shimmery shades. You can create numerous looks with just this one palette from day to night! Yes, the packaging isn't all that great, but the quality of the shadows do make up for it!

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Siri S.

I love these pallet I got mine from a website where they still have it! And I wished I would have picked up another one just incase they run out of it! because my favorite eyeshadow is the white/ nudish colour. The matt colours are really matt! I don't feel like they are too powdery, okey there might be some fall out but not to the extreme, where Im botherd by it! I wish wet n wild could keep selling these once and maybe make more matt shades because the colour icon pallets there is like 95 percent shimery and no matt ones! A big plus is the small price! I paid 80kr (11 dolars) And I know in the us they might be like 5 or 6 dollars. and even tough I paid about twice the amount I think it's still the best natural pallet and it's a good dupe for the naked pallet by urban decay. Or at least it's not the same shades but it take upp less room and is good for travel( and you still can do various looks whit it)! A big must have for every make up geek! If I may say so ...

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Kelly C.
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The new wet n wild color icon trio palettes are to DIE FOR!! These colors are more pigminted then some $10 eye shadows I've bought.. I have every color trio

- I got good jeans palette - Silent Treatment - Im getting sunburned

I cant remember the name of the other 2 I have. But I had to get them all, especially for only $2.99!!

Look at how pigmented these colors are!!!

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Mona W.
you can't go wrong with these for $4.99
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I own lust from the regular line and sugar plum fairy from the holiday 2010 set. The shadows are consistently smooth, buttery, and easy to blend. Amazing pigmentation. There's just a slight hint of fall out. The shadows are delicate and breaks easily so be careful not to drop these. Overall, awesome for $4.99

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Simera H.
Highlt Pigmented

I love all the palettes. Since I bought all the Wet N Wild palettes I have seriously been hooked to Wet N Wild. A lot of the colors are good dupes for some Mac eyeshadows and a lot of them are way more pigmented then some of the Mac shadows as well. They do have some fall out but not enough for me to dislike them. If your thinking about getting these palettes go for it they are well worth it.

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Sheila Q.

Out of all the eye shadows that i own, i find myself reaching for these palettes the most. The first one i bought was the neutral palette. After trying it out i immediately went back the next day to purchase the rest of the colors. Your getting quality shadows that are comparable to Mac and other brand name makeup for an affordable price!

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Wynell R.

This is my favorite go to neutral palette !!! its so pigmented.. I love the fact that you get three matte shades and three shimmer shades. The price and quality you can't beat !

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Dawn C.
Boy was I shocked! This stuff is GREAT!!!

I bought this last week and it blew me away! I used it along with a couple of colors from my Too Faced Natural Eye Kit and Wet N Wild's quality was just as good as Too Faced! The colors blended so smoothly and are very pigmented. I use UD Primer Potion and had no creasing or fading after 5 hours in very humid weather.

I will definately buy the other color collections. I see no need to purchase a designer or Dept. Store brand just to have it when there is quality like this available for $4 bucks!

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Kelly C.

The first palette I bought from this collection was "I got good jeans" (3 color palette). When I first tried it I could not believe this was Wet n Wild, the colors are so pigmented, they go on super smooth. I was even more impressed 8 hours later when I looked in the mirror and I had no shadow crease lines, it looked exactly like it did when I applied it 8 hours earlier. That being said, I went back to Walgreens and bought the 3 other palettes they had at the time. Then when they came out with the 8 pan palettes I got those too. Wet n Wild has totally impressed me!! Why would I buy eyeshadow from MAC that cost $20 when I could get the same quality for no more than $5?

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Maxine N.

I have these palettes in Vanity(brown/neutral) and Lust (pink/purple) and I must say that I am so impressed with the quality of these eyeshadow! I would say that some of the colors are very comparable to MAC's eyeshadow colors and quality. The color icon eyeshadow are true to color, easy to blend and long-lasting. For $5 or less, these are a really great buy considering the great quality.

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