Wayne Goss

The Luxury Complexion Set


Sandra M.
Beautiful foundation set

Love the sponge so unique and the foundation is definitely my favourite and my most used in 2022

Carolina C.
Best Foundation for mature skin

I have no idea how my dearest Wayne did it, but honestly, it's the best foundation for mature skin I've ever tried (and I've tried them all, luxury and from they drugstores, all!). The foundation literally melts into the skin and unbelievably smoothes it, completely disappearing pores and skin textures, leaving it soft, smooth and velvety all day long, or at least for 10+ hours. I am really amazed. My skin is very dry (I'm 41 years old), I have quite pronounced pores and acne scars. This foundation not only disappears the pores and scars on my face, but also leaves my skin fresh, like a teenager's skin, without cracking at all, without becoming stiff, without leaving it heavy. I don't know how he does it but it's literally magic... or a miracle, it's true.

Jamil R.
Beautiful cream

As always wayne does it again...this is my favorite foundation ever!!!... am 38 and my skin has changed... all threw out my teens and 20 to early 30 my skin was very oily...I noticed now is some ereas is oily and some other places dry...but I do live in Massachusetts and in the winter time we don't get a lot of moisture in the air...so I but some moisturizer and a bit of oil...when I put the luxury cream on omg it was like magic for my skin...thank you wayne

Julia B.
Habe besseres erwatet

Ich war etwas enttäuscht, da ich jetzt Mega Produkte, also das beste vom besten erwartet hatte. Das Puder finden viele nicht gut, ich mag es. Es mattiert, hat aber mini Glitzerstücke die man kaum erkennt und auf dem Gesicht nicht sieht. Es ist sehr fein gemahlen und das Puder bekommt 4 Sterne. Die Quaste benötigt man überhaupt nicht nur 1 Stern. Die Foundation ist sehr cremig und man spürt sie auf der Haut da würde ich nur 2-3 Sterne geben

Maria G.
Needs more colors

The color match is ok, I think I choose the wrong color no way of really knowing he never really swatched or compared it to other foundations, my think is it clings to dry patches for sure, or maybe it's because I had the wrong color, I like the concept of it , it's just not for me

Penny T.
Great natural looking coverage

I didn’t believe the hype so I had to try for myself. The coverage is flawless and so lightweight. I thought shade 6 might be too dark for me but I knew the 7 was too light for my warm undertones. It ended up being a great match since I can sheer it out a bit now but put on a fuller coverage as I tan throughout the summer. I love this foundation and powder.

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Milva D.
Good range of colors and beautiful foundation
Photo of product included with review by Milva D.

I post a pitture, just of the foundation in my face with powder, i have to say it is good, the texture, the color the coverage, I just put it for work, not for night out, I have melasma in my face so there is lots of different color in my skin, that always is an, issue, I used the beauty puff, following Wayne tutorías, however I am not MUA so I will try alzó with brush, I fee like I have nothing in my skin, i hope it last all day long or at léase several Hours ok, I am 53 years ald, and also dio not cake in my skin and looks radiant, great, great buy I am happy so far, I am thinking to buy other colors to play as concealer

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Gloria K.
Good products

I bought this set because I wanted the shade 8 and the standalone product was sold out and they only had these sets left. Happy accident. I didn't think the puff would do much because in my head, I kept thinking of the laura mercier puffs... but the WG puff is so much more. For one, it is much heftier with some weight to it and it really helps to smooth on the foundation. I will purchase more of these... The foundation spreads well and being in my mid-50s, texture was what I was particularly concerned about. I think it's possible to put on too much too quickly, so less is more. One layer and step back before you go for for the next layer. It goes on easily and as such, is easy to go a bit crazy with it. Had no issues with powder or cream products on top and it lasted all day. The only item in this set that I am ambivalent about is the weightless powder because it was OK going on and I didn't think it was really that ground-breaking. Nice powder but nothing to write home about.

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Liv W.
Greasy, unusable

I really wanted to like this product, I love Wayne’s brushes, lipsticks and blushes.

But this foundation is thick and oily. The shade I got (11) left a geisha like white cast.

Completely unusable. Waste of money.

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Colleen G.
Absolutely beautiful coverage and a perfect color match

I lucked out and made a great color guess, this color match is absolutely perfect for me - and it's nearly impossible for me to find the right color. Fair people with a pink hue are VERY under represented and I often have to blend my own or compensate some other way because even 'neutral' shades show up very yellow on me. To help others in my shoes out, for reference my foundations / shades I normally wear are: Face Atilier #2 mixed with 0+ and pink, Dior Airshow 2N, Dior Forever Skin Glow in 1CR, Cinema Secrets Ultimate Foundation in 501(11), and Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint in ST1.

The coverage is very buildable, blends into the skin quickly and flawlessly, and really made my skin look fantastic. I keep my mornings simple and only use Embryolisse moisturizer and for me it lasted most of the day (as do most foundations for me), and I re-touch after work for the evening which takes less than a minute. The puff and the band are great for full face application and I use my finger to tap over the areas I needed a touch more coverage as I would with a concealer. For the heck of it I tested on the eyelid and it cause eyeshadow creasing, so I'm sticking to my Tarte shape tape for that. I haven't used the powder yet because I normally don't need any since my skin tends to be dry, but the single foundation was already sold out on its own and I was super eager to try it so I got the set.

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