Wayne Goss

Brush 03 Large Eye Shadow Crease Brush

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Wayne Goss: The Best Selling Brushes

How to Use Brush 03

Watch as Wayne shows how Brush 03 can tackle all of your eye work and demonstrates special techniques for eye shadow, concealer, and more.


Vivianne M.
The best

Wayne never dissapoints! If you are looking for a super soft blending brush search no more! Washed it and it retains its shape. Blends finely and seamlessly and is one of my brushes I always reach for! Love it!

Tatiana G.

Старшая сестра кисти 04, и она невероятная!!!! Мягусенькая, но в тоже время, наносит продукты идеально!!! Любовь!!! И даже то, что она немного распушилась, пошло ей на пользу!!!! Прекрасные сестрички!!!

Cheryl M.

I’ve wanted Wayne Goss brushes for a while. I decided I would try one and see how I liked it and if they were all every influencer raved about … OMG I don’t want to use any other brush now!! I have to start saving up so I can get a whole collection!!!

Ruby L.

Got in my lucky bag. Was always curious about Wayne Goss brushes but nervous to spend that much. And tell now had never used a natural hair brush. Feels good and makes shadow blend like butter. Also really nice as a highlighter brush. Hope to try more down the road.

Josephine L.
So impressed

This is the BEST blending brush for diffusing and blending color in to make eyeshadow look seamless and edges look soft. It's fairly large & fluffy. I love my Sonia G's which are more firm but this brush is floppier in a good way. It is so so soft and gentle- it actually is so soothing to use. I use this mostly to "finish" my eye looks. I run it all over my crease and sometimes over my entire eye at the end to make everything look soft and blended. I also sometimes use to lay down a soft, diffused, wash of color throughout my entire eye for an easy one eyeshadow look. The more I use this brush, the more I LOVE it!

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Elisabeth C.
Amazing Brush!

Waaw this might be the best brush I ever used! It applies and blends at the same time in a very nice way. It lays down eyeshadow like a flat brush on the mobile eyelid. I can do a hole makeup look with it, it saves me time when I do makeup. I have the hakuhodo s142 and I prefer the wayne goss brush. Although the wayne goss 03 is bigger than the s142. I hope the 06 brush is coming back in stock soon because this is making me want more wayne's brushes!

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Pang X.
Let the brush do the work!

Perfect blending brush. I use it to blend and boy did it blend! Y'all, let the brush do the work! Sometimes I like to use it to contour my nose, lips, and eyes when I need that extra natural contour.

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Sheila D.
Awesome brush!

I absolutely love this brush! I use it to highlight my nose and to blend out eyeshadow. It never over applies my makeup. The brush is perfectly soft. Perfect for my sensitive skin!

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Gayle G.
Very Good!

Excellent-!Excellent!-Excellent!- Excellent!-Excellent-Excellent! Excellent!-Excellent!-Excellent!

Hannah F.
Fixed my micro-exfoliation problem!

I had been having an issue with my goat hair blending brushes micro-exfoliating my crease and brow bone area and ruining my eye looks. I figured I needed to get a softer blue squirrel brush and chose this beautiful Wayne Goss 03. It is the perfect size for what I wanted to use it for. I wanted something I could use as a clean blending brush and this has been just perfect. It is extremely soft, but like magic still gives me the blend I want. The size is perfect for my medium sized eyes and I love how the taper fits into my socket. At first I thought the taper was too much, but after I washed it and it fluffed out a bit I realized it was perfect. For reference, it is very similar in size and shape (if not exactly the same) as my rephr 16 and Hakuhodo J5522. I highly recommend this brush and will be buying more Wayne Goss and blue squirrel brushes in the future!

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