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Perfect Lipstick

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Janelle A.
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VS isn't just for underwear anymore! Their lipstick is $12 which is reasonable for a brand that charges 60 bucks for a bra. Sure, they aren't known for their makeup but if it's a great product....then so be it. I own two Perfect Lipstick's from them and they glide nicely. They don't dry out my lips, and the color is vibrant. I would say to avoid the lighter colors cause they are a little blotchy when applied. The only other con I can give it is that you can't just buy one color. It hurts to be a bombshell ;) Left - Be Mine , Right - Wish.

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Shadow L.
Smooth, Silky, Shiny

i love love love this lipstick for a decent prices feels like a dream. it's smooth, silky, and has a shine like a slight gloss, its great. i was debating when i first got it back after getting it i want more! very very pleased!

Amanda R.

I have this lipstick in It Girl which is the only one in the pink tube. I love the color because it's nice natural pink so it's not dramatic. They go on smooth and the feel moisturizing on the lips. I'm definately planning to get more colors.

Alexandra G.

I love this lipstick in the color wish! It is pigmented, smooth, and moisturizing. I usually apply lip balm before my lipsticks, so I do the same with this one. Wish is a nice light pink shade that is bulidable. At first I thought the shade was too light, but I love it now! <3 It looks good with a smokey eye for night time or a neutral eye for day time. $12 may be a tiny bit pricey, but worth it in my opinion. :) The packaging it very cute as well.

Victoria D.

I love VS lipsticks, because they give you options. Each color has the ability to be worn light, and sheered down, or you can apply it super opaque for full coverage. I also find them to be not as drying as other lipsticks. Not exactly hydrating, but I my lips don't feel like I've spent hours in a desert after I wear them. Also, you can add a gloss if you want, but you definitely don't have to. It's really an all-in-one lipstick!

Santana V.
Nice lipstick

i have this in a like a nude pink color that is kind of matte. i do like it. nice coverage and i have the freedom to put on gloss or leave it alone. When your lips are chapping its not a good idea to wear.