Victoria's Secret

Beach Sexy Sun Dust Bronze Shimmer Body Powder


Sinn S.
Glow Effect

1 of my favorites, I use it on my legs, cleavage, and arms when its warm outside. It doesn't have a scent, and you don't need much, long that sexy shimmery look

Amber G.

I love this loose bronzer! I put it on my legs when I go out since I'm loosing my tan. and it give a pretty glow too! I tend to use a big body brush like smashbox's # 19 brush because when I use the brush it comes with it tends to get blotchy on me. other than that I love!

Cristina L.
Great for going to the Beach!!!
Photo of product included with review by Cristina L.

I usually use all VS self tanners, bc they stick so well to me, and I love the little, tiny gold shimmer that has!!! I like the Terracota color, well It doesn´t have a name but I consider that´s the color! Kind a mix of brown,brick,gold. And I also like that it has a beach smell! The good thing it´s that you can try it in the store!!! Here´s a pic of the product in my fair skin! Hope it´s helpul!!

Bea Untouchable u.

whats better than glitter ? i use this product on my skin and it looks beautiful it adds a glow like a soft gold glitter it looks so pretty i love it in the summer and the smell is great too . idk where i would be without it!