Perfect-Lasting Foundation


Robyn S.
What is this Sorcery!

This foundation is amazing. From the first time I put it on my face all I can say is wow. I have combination skin with dry patches, ice pick scarring, and uneven texture. This does not accentuate from scarring or pores it blurs them. It sounds silly but I feel pretty in this foundation I do not feel like I'm wearing a mask and trying to hide anything like with most foundations. The color is a little light but I can bronze that up!

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Tarra W.

I saw this reviewed with glowing undertones, but... it made me break out. Two days in a row and bam! Combo skin but it wore off chin and nose quickly. Set with huda poundcake, but still. Beautiful finish though!

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Arleigh T.

I was hopeful because of all the great reviews and wanted to love it ... I have normal to dry skin and this just looked terrible on me. It’s heavy and gooey. It just looked gross on me. It also accentuated any dry patches I didn’t even know I had. I just felt like I wanted to scratch my foundation off my face all day because I could feel it on me. I paired it with the lumilayer primer which I love but this foundation was a fail for me. I will go back to using my Chanel vitalumiere Aqua foundation which I am not in love with but it gets the job done and I don’t look like nasty yucky makeup monster after using it like I do with this one. So this is going back for sure :/

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Lisa W.
Best Foundation Ever Had!

I'm telling you, this foundation is incredible! I have found a little bit goes a long way! I put one layer on very sparingly... I will then stipple my cheeks with a brush to get the freckles and age spots covered... it's glowing, but it's not to glowing it's just right! After an hour, and even get smoother looking as it melts into your face... I apply with a brush very sparingly and then I go over it with a very damp beauty blender... Then I will stipple over my cheeks with a little bit for more coverage and then use the beauty blender again

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Lisa W.
Absolutely Fantastic!
Photo of product included with review by Lisa W.

I'm NOT being paid or compensated for this review. I don't normally go around and write reviews unless I really like a product, and this product, is just absolutely amazing! You do not need a lot of foundation when you are applying... A little bit goes a very long way! I have tried $5. Foundations to $70 foundations and I hate to admit this, but I've purchased over 20 different foundations as far as brands and colors in the past 6 months.

I apply the foundation with a thin base with my brush and then I will go over it with my damp sponge... If there are a few spots like my cheeks, and I still have some freckles showing through, I will stipple my brush over the cheeks and then use the sponge again on my cheek area.

This is a flawless, and I mean flawless foundation! It does not settle into your wrinkles, I have freckles and age spots as well because I'm over fifty, the stuff is the most beautiful finish I've ever seen in my life... I just ordered me another

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Lisa W.

okay so I hate to admit it, but I have been a makeup junkie for a long time now... I have tried the most expensive foundations to the cheapest foundations... I thought I recently had the best one by Estee Lauder, then I thought I would try this since everybody is ranting and raving... Let me tell you, this is the most beautiful, smoothest long lasting finish you will ever find out of every foundation out there. I have spent $100 on foundation and I have spent five bucks... For $35, this is literally blowing me away and I am purchasing another bottle

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Jan K.
All around perfection

I am over the moon for this foundation. I just recently purchased my second bottle. Unfortunately my first bottle met with a disaster. This foundation applies well with a sponge, fingers or a brush. It doesn’t fall into lines or ever look cakey. It doesn’t emphasize pores or texture. I have worn it for 10 hours without it wearing off or breaking up. On my skin it covers what I want to cover and it dries down to a satin matte. Since finding this, I haven’t been tempted by another brand.

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Brittany S.
New Favorite Foundation

I have tried A LOT of foundations, and have never found one that I wanted to repurchase. I think I have finally found that, though.

What I love most is how well this shade matches me. I am extremely pale and have a lot of pink in my skin, and A02 is a dead on match. You also do not need a lot to cover your whole face-- about half a pump works for me. Given that, this foundation will last me quite a long time. Lastly, because it is primer infused, this foundation goes on so smoothly and lasts all work day and beyond.

Absolutely love!

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Larissa L.

I probably own more than 30 foundations at the time. I have been searching for the perfect one for a while. I have combination skin. What I want from a foundation is to provide me with good oil control, lasting at least 12 hours without separating. I also want it to look natural. I found it. This foundation is amazing. Combined with the primer is even better. It gives such a healthy natural glow. Beautiful.

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Lacee J.
smooth, flawless

This foundation is a game changer. Firstly, it matches my skin tone perfectly which is so rare that this is only the second foundation I have found to do so. I tested a small amount on my cheek, smoothing it on without a brush. It covered almost half my face, and despite my not using a brush or sponge went on evenly. It feels soft, breathable, and has a glass skin finish. I am so happy I invested in this product because I can say this is easily one of the best foundations I've ever used.

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