Petroleum Jelly


Hasini J.
The holy grail

Vaseline is like water. There's no argument or thought behind buying the product: you just do. You have to buy it, because it just feels natural.

And that's because it's probably the greatest multitasker known to man kind

And i know people will sit there and say 'oh you get cancer, it's petroleum, you're putting oil on your face, blah blah blah', but it's made my face look amazing and my mother, who is over 50 years old now, has been using it since she was young and i am honest to god when i say : she has one wrinkle on her face (just in between her eyebrows). That's it. That's the only wrinkle she has. She doesn't use any special products - just soap and vaseline. Soap to cleanse her face and vaseline to moisturise it. Soap is drying, yes, but this isn't about soap.

Now here is what i use vaseline for: Moisturiser Rash cream Hand cream Foot cream Elbow softner Eyelash nourisher Lipbalm Highlighter Under-eye-bag-remover Protection from dyes e.t.c. mixed with sugar for lipscrub Burn healer Teeth-gap-filler (a lot of beauty pageant models use this trick) Skin protector from mascara stains e.t.c. Make-up remover (Even waterproof eye make-up)

Just... Just anything you can think of - Vaseline can be used for it! So really, life without Vaseline is not much of a life. Pick it up!

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Emily J.
Great Lipgloss Maker

Besides the obvious reason why we all love this product I love using my old eye shadows and grinding some color into some Vas and making my own lip gloss. :) <3

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Carelen C.
The Go-To Beauty Item!!

I love Vaseline, I use it all the time. As an admitted moisturizing addict, I always have Vaseline on hand to zap onto parts of my skin that get super dry (like elbows) and a little Vaseline keeps my mixed-ethnic skin from getting ashy all day long! (always on my knees if I'm not wearing long pants) I also use it as the perfect eye-makeup remover, since it's so hydrating, it won't dry out or pull on delicate skin around the eyes, making it a two-in-one!

So affordable, so usable, so perfect!

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Angela s.

This product is just great in general. You can use it for so much. I mainly use it for 3 different things. One is to moisturize my skin, the second is as a lip balm, and third is as a dewy skin highlight. I love using this as a dewy highlight the most though. You just tap a small amount on your upper cheek up to your temple and it gives your skin a great dewy finish that lasts all day.

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Strawberry M.

i dab a little around my eyes before going to bed. it does wonders for fine lines. best eye cream there is. only use at bedtime, you don't want your eyes to be all shiny and sticky during the day~

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Kristina H.
All purpose.

I use this to take off eye make up, or put on a dry spot on my body/face. I use this as lip balm sometimes. It conditions my lashes. I like to use this to soften my cuticles. I use this to prevent hair dye from getting on my ears and forehead. I use this after I give myself a pedicure. I use this to help me shape my eyebrows before I pluck them.

I use Vaseline.

How is it no one has even "liked" this yet?!?!

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Hannah O.
Vaseline is a must have for everyone.

Whether obsessed with make-up or not, Vaseline has so many uses its hard for it not to be essential for everyone! I use in the conventional way: on my lips periodically throughout the day to keep them moisturised. At night i put a really thick layer on because the night is nearly as long as the day and I don't want them to dry out. I especially like the vaseline that has SPF 15 and comes in a yellow tin and I use it a lot in summer because lips can be affected by the sun as well. Also before bed I put a layer of it on my eyelashes and I've found it minimises the number of lashes that fall out when taking off make-up. I've heard people say it makes them grow longer; it didn't for me but it left them feeling much healthier and stronger.

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Nadia B.
Fragrance Extender

My body seems to absorb fragrance quickly. No matter how much layering I do the fragrance just will not last. That is until I learned to apply Vaseline Petroleum Jelly to my pulse points and then spritz with fragrance. The scent lasts all day without being overwhelming.

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Nadia N.

This is definitely great for me in the WINTER!! This has been a life saver after bad colds, infections my nose and lips are cracked to the MAX. This automatically soothes and heals it fast.

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Kaitlin W.
It has so may uses !!!

I love having Vasline because you can use it as a lip balm or make your on or even use it as a night cream when you warm it up (crazy right?!) there are probley a hundred different ways to use this and if you have a paper cut or a minor burn it will help heal it trust me! And they come in flavours as well 😱