Urban Decay



Sarah A.
The colors!!

this palette is so beautiful, especially the 2nd vertical row from the right! all the colors are pigmented and gorgeous! everything you'd expect from an UD palette. very pigmented and blendable as well.

Mercedes L.
Photo of product included with review by Mercedes L.

I received this as a gift from my future mother-in-law, and it is a literal morning pick-me-up every day. The colors in this palette are versatile and lush. The consistency of the shadows are creamy and highly-pigmented. I've used these to match funky lipsticks for bold, going-out looks. The three vertical pairs in the middle of the palette are great color combos for black lipstick: Lucky and Reign with black lipstick are great for fall, and Alchemy, Bondage, and Alien make it soft enough for a daytime look. I've matched green, blues, purples, copper, and gold lipstick with this palette. I used Last Sin, Angel, and Defy in the top right for a job interview (which I got), and every time I use DTF, my bf asks if I'm on that Beyoncé tip. This palette features colors bold enough for when you want to use makeup to create art rather than just look "pretty", but also has colors for functional, calmer styles. Last Sin and Alien are my go-to my-face-but-better that are light enough for grad. school, but still make me feel like I'm treating myself every day. Many of these shades are rich enough for people of color. The only colors I've not had a chance to use are Truth, Undone (in the top left corner), and Bobby Dazzle, but I think that would be excellent for an ice queen or doe-y look. I won't say I recommend this palette for every makeup user because frankly, these pigments often draw attention, so some people might not get any use out of such bold shadows. This palette definitely enabled me to make my look more colorful on a daily basis, so it is absolutely a lot of fun. I would recommend it for those that think they want to try something new, or have a lot of disparate colors in their collection already, and need a palette to unify it. If you get asked, "What's with the x-color makeup?" and you're, like, "I feel like," then this is definitely that palette.

I used Bondage, Alchemy, Angel and Last Sin in the picture I've attached.

Saby T.

I love the shades and the pigmentation ! Its a perfect palette!!! I use Downfall everyday,its just a perfect neutral brown..and oh my god,i am in love with Alchemy,Freeze,Dragon,Sonic,Bondage,Vanity and Heroine !!!