Urban Decay

Surreal Skin Mineral Makeup


Kristina H.
Best powder for my skin!

The thing I love about this powder is that it comes with it's own powder puff, but if I want a little heavier coverage, you are able to screw the top off and use it as a loose powder. I never really liked pressed powders, they don't do much for me. I don't know what it is about the formula of this powder but it really doesn't make me break out and it sets my foundation perfectly without making it cakey.

It is great in the sense that it is so portable. If you are on the fence, see if you can get it off of Hautelook, sometimes they have them when they are having Urban Decay sales. Just make sure next time you are in Sephora to get a color match so you know which to order online (since online colors are rarely true to life).

I have bought it full price this time around because I cannot find a better formula for my skin type.

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Rajni P.

Used with the Too Faced Powder Pouf Brush this is AMAZING! The coverage is beautiful, and helps my skin to look flawless. If it's too powdery, a spritz of MAC's Fix+ works wonders.

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Angela W.
Omgahhh it's a great powder.

So the beauty Miss Kristina H, see review below, is the reason I go this powder in the first place!! Kekeke, thanks forever friend!! <3

OK ok, back to the product- I happend to buy a color that's a tad on the tan side for my skin right (Dream is way darker in person than it looks online) It's ok though because I discovered it makes an excellent countour/bronzer. So the first time I tried it I actually was like WOW... it goes on like... WOW. LOL.

Seriously though, it's so light and although the applicator looks kinda like it would just be a gimick it actually works amazing well for even coverage. Totally impressed! Now if only Sephora would restock my actual color... grrrrrrr.

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Corey S.
Was Skeptical About The Puff.........

I like the buffer applicator. I don't understand the big stink about it. I keep this in my car or purse for when I need something quick. This is the only travel friendly MMU out there. For those having issues with the applicator, turn the middle ring in the open direction until you feel a click, turn the container upside down and pat against the back of your hand until the product comes out, pat and then buff product on face, viola! Once you have enough product in the puff, you can click it off to save product and prevent the puff from caking. If you twist towards open after the click, the cap eventually screws off. I do this occasionally when I want to apply with a concealer brush for healing pimple spots. The puff is made of antimicrobial materials. If you apply to a clean face, don't share the product and keep it dry; contamination isn't an issue. I wash the puff with a MU remover cloth, remove excess moisture with a towel and then let it air dry without the cap overnight. The coverage is comparable to BE. It's a decent medium coverage but you may want to use concealer for really pigmented blemishes. The shades run yellow. I wear illusion which is the fairest shade. If I wasn't living with a mild tan year round, none of the shades would work for me. The finish is just between satin and matte. The more product you use, the more likely you'll get the sheen that MMU is notorious for. However this product is not as bad as BE's shine factor. Really great product overall. It's a bit of a holy grail for me. I use this for work mostly. I'm a floor nurse who runs around for 8 to 16 hours. I want to look slightly made up but can't afford the melting factor of liquid, the uber shine of BE MMU or the crappy coverage of the "sensitive skin" MMU. Give it a try. Buy it somewhere that has a good return policy. It's worth a try. UPDATE: Still using this powder but more often then I use to. I use this as a setting powder over liquid foundation when I want to look more made up. It has a beautiful finish that's satin and doesn't cake like most other powders. I still love the puff. I've been using it for 6 months. It hasn't caused any breakouts. The puff is still in good shape. I use this product at least 4 to 5 times a week.

Sarah M.
Build-able coverage with a flawless finish

I was a little apprehensive about the product before I bought it, as it is hard to match my skin tone and some days, I need a little more coverage. I've been using the product for about a week now and if I do need extra coverage, a little concealer before helps quite a bit. I took the lid off and I'm using my kabuki brush with it, I think that's the easiest way to use it, although that might make it a little more messy.

Natalie M.

i find all urban decay products are brill..this is defo by far one of the best..i dont like liquid so this was great for me, it gives you fantastic coverage and stays in place for a good 6 hours! grat price...defo recomend!

Jacqueline U.
Okay but my dad's allergic...

This make-up looked kind of cakey on me, whether that is my skin or the make-up, I don't know. And also, my dad is allergic to it, so I have to apply and remove it at school, otherwise he coughs uncontrollably till I walk away. I would be funny if it didn't look like he was about to cough up a lung or something.

Erica S.

Don't get me wrong, the powder is actually really nice—I just really, really hate the packaging! I wasn't able to get the powder to come through the puff at all, despite many frustrated attempts. When I finally decided to give up and try taking the puff off, I was met with powder all over my bathroom counter. The glass container underneath the puff is filled to the brim, which is great, but it also means I lose a lot of product every time I open the container and try to use a brush to apply it. (I also always get way too much powder on my brush. Gah!)

I would much prefer if the puff was separate from the container and if it had a sifter for when I wanted to use it as a loose powder.

Veronica T.

I bought this product and returned it. I felt like i didnt have control like i do with a powder brush. I guess I am more of a brush girl. I dont think this caused anything negative to my skin, just not my thing