Urban Decay

Ink for Eyes


Leiris E.
Didn't Love It

I love Urban Decay products, but this one was a letdown. I don't have any other black cream or gel liners, so I held out for this one. After playing around with it a bit, I was disappointed. The smudger end of the brush is not soft enough to be gentle around your eyes, and the liner itself is too thick and needs to be worked with a lot glide on lids. It is nice that it comes with a mirror, but it is not very practical since it is so thin. Overall, I think you could take your angled liner brush to a 24/7 liner and get better results.

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Savannah D.

This is my favorite eye liner to use for everything. I love how creamy and smooth it is when applying it, if it was smudge/waterproof that would be such a bonus. I love that it has a mirror, but the smudging brush is a little too big so personally I use my own angle brush. Overall amazing product! Urban Decay is an amazing brand.

Tashina S.
cant live without

i am so addicted to this. I never used a cream liner before this. im still learning how to use but i love it. it doesnt smear and run like my pencil would towards the end of the day. I dont feel like i have to use alot. it soft and light. it can be hard to clean up i tend to get over a larger area when i clean up. but i really love it.

Coco T.
Easy Peasy To Apply
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I am more of a liquid liner girl. However, I have had this for a while, it is the only gel liner I've ever used. However, it does apply amazingly easy, because of the creamy texture. It's not hard or too mushy. Nonetheless, since I've never really had any other gel liners to compare this to, that's all I can say. Great texture, easy to apply, but not sure how other gel liners hold up.

Swinda M.
its cool

i have this in demolition, which is a chocolate brown color, its good, i use it mainly on my brides for smuding, gives a nice soft effect without it being too dark.

Nicole T.

Easy to apply and nice and creamy, the problem I have with this product is that it transfers when i open my eye. If this came in waterproof/ smudgeproof it would be great. I dont want to always have to set my liner with shadow everytime. it worked really well for halloween though.

Janelle A.

The color is glittery and white so I thought it would be perfect for highlighting the inner corners of my eyes. I don't know if I got a bad one or what (got it from Hautelook) but the brush sucked, the smudging side hurts, it's not creamy, and the glitter is in huge chunks. This eyeliner would only come in handy if I was doing some kind of snow queen halloween look. Too bad because the packaging is so cute and comes with a mirror.