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Afterglow Glide-On Cheek Tint

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Myrna P.
Photo of product included with review by Myrna P.

The Urban Decay Slide on Cheek Tint is super easy to use, blends really well and you can start off with the smallest amount and build it if you want more coverage. I sometimes use them for the lips as well. I searched for them on Sephora, Ulta, Urban Decay, etc. and I cannot find them. I have come to the conclusion that they were a limited edition. I am sure you can find it either on Ebay or Amazon. I bought mine from Hautelook.

Gabriella M.

First of, I'm a powder blush girl, but when I saw these on sale at UD I couldn't resist. I bought 3 shades! Anyway, I love that these are sheer and have buildable coverage, my favorite application is with a mini stippling brush, both the product and this application create a very natural looking glowy finish. I even add a bit to the lips with this shade just because it's so pretty. Great product!

Victoria D.
Loving this stuff!

I've never used a cream blush before this, so I was a little hesitant at first, thinking it'd be unblendable and I'd look silly. However, it glides on quite nicely! It's super easy to blend out, and buildable to just the right amount of color you desire. It's ridiculously easy to use. all I have to do is swirl my finger lightly on the surface to warm the product up, then transfer from my finger to my cheek! Fetish is such a gorgeous, muted mauvey color. I definitely want more of these in my collection! Blending two colors together could make the perfect look!

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Aneasha M.

It appears a little bright from first glance, but this product is a cheek stain so it goes on very sheer. This could be used as an everyday cheek color, and then be built up to be a nice evening cheek shade. Probably my favorite blush right now.

Grace M.
Vegan, Amazing, Glowing, Natural, Healthy, Perfect

Urban Decay knows how to do face products. Better known for their off-beat eye shadow shades, you wouldn't believe that their face products are where its at. I have yet to be disappointed in Urban Decay's non-comodegenic face makeup. Their glide on cheek tints come in 7 flattering blush shades ranging from super sweet "Indecent", and intense but elegant "Greedy". My fave shade is Crush, and I also think Score is really nice as well. These glide on with the touch of a finger, and leave a glowing hue that is healthy, and always perfect looking. I love the healthy flush it gives...it has changed my outlook on what I percieve a good blush to be.

Jacqueline U.
Softer than it looks

I got the crush colour, and I love it! When I first looked at this I thought "Oh my gosh ... I am going to look like a clown." But I tried it and it looked fabulous! The colour is really light and softer than it lookes. My friends didn't even realize it was blush for several days because it seemed so natural!

Lex R.
Sheer but buildable colour

Being a newbie into the world of blush, I had more than a few misgivings when the SA in Sephora recommended "BANG" to me. It looked incredibly bright and scary in the pan but after swatching, I decided to give it a shot.

Like it says on the tin, it glides onto the cheeks like a dream and imparts a subtle sheen of colour which you can build up with ease. Being a little slapdash with my make-up in general, I was happy to find that I could move it around a little before it set into my foundation.

My complexion's oily and this product lasts quite a while without a touch-up which means it's a winner in my book.

I was so pleased with this product that I've bought "CRUSH" as well. These cheek tints have since replaced my powder blusher. For now at least.

I also use these as a tint over some lip balm.

Tanya R.

I use this on my cheeks as well as on my lips! Keeps you looking fresh and bright!

Daniela C.

This cream blush is so true to it's name it gives a glow and it glides on to the cheek like heaven, it's more of a gel, because it's not a sticky gross, cream blush it just glides onto the skin like heaven I love it I have it in the shade BANG and it gives the most beautiful flush to the skin.

Anna L.

This cream blush is soooooooo fantastic. It's so soft and smooth. It's so easy to apply and blend. So many beautiful colors. Worth every penny! I love most UD products :)