Urban Decay

24/7 Glide-On Shadow Pencil


Nadia N.
Very good base

This is one of my fave bases. I'm so upset that they discontinued mercury. Colors really showed up on these. They are creamy and last quite a long time.

Julia K.

I had a 5 pack of these, and the colors are gorgeous, but they have a weird consistency. They look funny when you top them with eyeshadow, and they do crease and melt off during the day, even with a primer. My theory is that they dry out on your eyes.

Nicole D.

I don't wear pencil eye liner much anymore so I just buy drugstore black liners now, but I swore by this liner for years. The colors are great and all strongly pigmented. I wouldn't say its 24/7 (but I wouldn't say that about any makeup so far) but I also didn't test the name literally. None the less its a fantastic daily liner. You can always count on UD

Amber R.
Really are waterproof!

Couldn't believe that after a long, hot, humid day this pencil (with no primer under or shadow over, mind you) looked just as fresh as it did when I first put it on! No amount of rubbing would get this off even a bit. I also wore this to the beach and it didn't come off after swimming. Full review at http://tinyurl.com/bq6khak

Myka A.

i actually don't have this product yet but i went to sephora and tried it and this type of liner is really what i like it draws so thickly in my waterline unlike with what im using now, and it's really lng lasting better try this girls it's worth buying!

Ayanna P.
Love it.

I recently got this in 'Rehab'. It's a shimmery, bronze color. Really gorgeous. Long lasting, creamy and pigmented! It was everything I expected :) Can't wait to get a few more!

Grace M.
Great, Long Wearing, Budge Proof, Fantastic Color Range!

I love that most of their pencils are vegan. The color range is so vast, and the uses for the pencils alone is so versatile. The pencils are creamy, yet budge proof. The application is simple, and precise, and you can apply as much you'd like. They don't crease easily. Great as an eyeshadow base, or eyeliner.

Victoria D.

Absolutely AMAZING! I had to have this in Delinquent, and I JUST picked up Clinic and I'm so happy! These are so so easy to apply, and easy to blend out even if you aren't looking for that intense eyeliner/eyeshadow look. Once you apply it, you've got a few seconds to blend it out, fix mistakes, clean up lines, and after that, it is set in STONE! It absolutely will not budge for anyone or anything once dry. I find that layering other shadows on top of this has an awesome effect, especially more sheer eyeshadows. These will definitely get people talking when you wear them. Even if you're going for just a little pop of color, line your water line with this and it won't budge or be missed!

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Autumn C.

I put Juju on all over my eye before I went to work. It stayed on all day. :) It's kind of a bronzy brown. But it was gorgeous.

Christina N.
Midnight Cowboy - Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Shadow Pencil

I love this shadow pencil to put a highlight on the inner corners of the eye, and sometimes as a base for a bronzed shimmery look, and it can be used as a base for a smokey eye too. It is very sparkly and gorgeous on, it looks like something you would see on J-Lo and because of that I used it all summer to create bronzed summer shimmery eyes and ALWAYS got complimented. The only downside is ease of use, every once in a while you may get a pencil that is not as smooth so doesn't glide easily as it says.