Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray


heather a.
Best heat protectant!

This is an everyday product for me! I always use this before I blowdry/straighten/curl my hair. I have thick hair and this works perfect for me! It smells great, it makes my hair so much smoother, and it protects your hair so well. I could tell a difference between my hair when I would use this and not. Another plus is that it's only a few dollars!

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Bebe E.
For the price you can't beat!

I love this product!! It smell amazing and the packaging is user friendly. I love that it protect my hair from all of the frying that I do to it, lol. And the best part is that it doesn't leave your hair greasy!

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Raven Elizabeth R.
Used this for years.

I've been doing hair now for 6 years and this is great stuff, especially for the price. I use heat on my hair almost everyday. I don't use this in the salon but I do use it at home.

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Amy L.
It's good for the price.

I started using this product a year or two back when it first came out and I was neutral about it's effects. I did not notice any great improvement but my hair did not get any worse either. I would certainly recommend using this if you flat iron your hair, it's really the only spray out there that does not result in a plastic-like burning smell post flat ironing, it emits a rather nice scent, like fruit, instead. Also, this product did not add build up to my flat iron or my hair like I have seen others do. Overall, this product is probably your best bet for the price.

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Eilla S.

It's not the best and I think it is just overly hyped cause it's cheap and easy to find. It left my ends super crunchy and tangled up after a day after and after a week. My hair can't take much abuse with this protectant. I only use this for blow-drying and if I need to straighten or curl my hair, I have to use another heat protectant.

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Synfonia H.
Amazinggg. Just Amazing!

This stuff makes my straight hair last for a good 4 days! My hair feels sooo soft and silky after. I haven't noticed any split ends after starting to use this. you must get this!

Jessica S.

This stuff is like silk in a bottle, I spray it in my hair before using any kind of heat and wait a few minutes for it to dry then style away! It makes my hair feel like heaven after straightening etc. I've been through bottles and bottles of it and have only recently came back to it after wanting to try something else out.. but nothing really compares. It's totally worth the price and an absolutely amazing product, highly recommend to anyone!

Galina I.
love this!

I get sad when I run out because I absolutely love this spray. it keeps my hair soft while protecting it from heat damage. I dye my hair a lot so curling and straightening is a hassle because it damages my hair but not since I started using this. I definitely recommend it if you haven't tried it yet

Thalia M.

I use this every time I straighten or curl my hair. it leaves it looking shiny and limits the damage of the heat. I've noticed a huge difference in the texture of my hair after I use this product. I barely get split ends while using this.

Jenni L.
love it

my cousin bought this and let me borrow it once it worked awsome and did its job, my hsir was very nice and sleek and shiny and it perfectly kept my hair from getting damage. dosnt best my got2b Gaurdian Angel tho.