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Too Faced

Shadow Insurance Candlelight


Jacqueline H.
The Best Shadow Primer I have Ever Used

For a very long time, no one could tell me that there was a better shadow primer than Kat Von D's High Voltage Shadow Primer until today.

Shadow Insurance Candlelight is a very interesting primer. When you squeeze a bit of the product out of the tube, it has a very distinct and intense yellow/gold sheen to it. When applied to the eyelid, it leaves behind a very miniscule amount of gold shimmer. This primer could easily be worn alone or under shadow because the yellow pigment from the primer instantly brightens up the eye lid.

This primer will cut down the time that it takes to blend your shadow. Instead of having to make 3or 4 passes with your blending brush, one or two passes will get you the most beautifully blended eyeshadow that has a subdued glow. I can't tell you how many times I was asked if my eye makeup was 'airbrushed.' This primer is that good. I will never go without this primer in my kit. Love it!

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Amber luisa Q.

This primer is wonderful! Eye shadows stay on all day & night. If you like a hint of shimmer this I'd for you. A little goes a long way!

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Qn T.

Gives great base and shimmer. Makes makeup last! And little goes a long way so basically you get your money's worth. I picked this over the original shadow primer.

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Ashley O.

This immediately brightened up my eyes! I get compliments whenever I wear it! I use it for theater as well when I do my makeup as a base and it is just wow.

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Julie M.

The candlelight is amazing! It is him an amazing I primer and your shadow will not smudge or crease all day long. It is also perfect to wear alone; with its golden shimmer you look like you've spent more time on your eyes than you did. I highly recommend this primer.

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Avi C.
Love it

"It is great! It is a little thicker than the original with a lot of sheen to it. It is a yellow/gold color and can be worn alone (with liner and mascara) or as a base (under shadows). But be CAREFUL! a little goes a LONG WAY. Can be compared to UDPP in Sin!"

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Sydney S.

This primer brightens up your eyes and keeps your eyeshadow from going anywhere. I use this product and Too Face's Natural Eye Palette, and they look amazing together. The shimmery, creamy look of the product looks good with any eyeshadow, and it even looks good by itself.

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Ashley F.
Favorite eye primer!

Shadow Insurance Candlelight is by far my favorite eye shadow primer. The finish is perfectly smooth and velvety and my eyes are instantly brightened. Even if I don't wear eye shadow, I put on this product to brighten my eyes!

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Rachel P.
Beautiful and Functional

This is my go-to eye primer. I have been using a deluxe sample for the last 4 months, and it's STILL kicking... but I bought a full size, and it's waiting in my train case at home for when the sample finally runs out. It's lasted this long because you do not need to use much product for good staying power and a sheer wash of color. I use this primer every day under my eye shadow. It gives a really pretty, sheer golden glow to any shadow you put over it. Additionally, because of the glowing highlight it gives, I frequently wear it by itself to work. Plus, it does a great job of hiding the shadows and blood vessels that appear on my eyelids by the time Friday rolls around. Makes for a very simple 5 minute face when I'm rushed in the morning.

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Kimberly C.
Great alone or as a primer!

I absolutly LOVEEEE Shadow Insurance Candlelight! It can be used as eye makeup Insurance for a full on eye makeup application or used as a more neural lid color with a black liner and mascara for a flawless day look. It is not pasty or cakey and offers a gorgeous golden glow of candlelight. We all look better in candlelight! Blends well, lasts all day and comes off with eye makeup remover very easily. LOVEEE it!

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