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Too Faced

Perfect Lips


Jasmine P.
The only lip pencil you will need ever again.

Out of all the lip liners I've used, this one takes the cake. It's amazingly pigmented, super matte, and stays put. It does not feather and lasts the food/drink test. These liners are in my makeup kit and I make sure to always have them with me. The perfect red is my absolute go-to perfect red lip shade. It's the perfect blue-based red hue that lasts for days. I'm so glad this product exists.

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Amanda P.

Some days I like to wear nude liner without any lipstick or gloss, maybe just a plain balm, just to bring out the shape of my lips without actually using color. This stuff is perfect! It lasts forever, doesn't smudge, & the color is just beautiful!

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Alexandra J.
It really is a perfect nude!

I purchased this color a few months ago and I absolutely love it. It's the perfect nude for my lips. It glides on smoothly and lasts. I love that it's retractable. All in all it's a great lip liner!

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Deedee R.

These lip liners may be expensive, but they're really worth it. The pink made my lips look much fuller, and it lasts all day! All the colors are great and can compliment anyone!

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Julia H.
Goes on fab, wears great, but more like Perfect Coral

Pretty disappointing. Texture and longevity are 5 stars! Color isn't really pink, it's a very yellow coral, borderline orange. I wear a lot of cool/blue-pink leaning lip color, so this one isn't for me. :'(

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Rachelle S.
The best !

Matte and extremely long lasting, easy to use and apply. Totally worth the money ! (and shoutout to my favorite of all, Perfect Spice ! Hope it will come back on Beautylish)

Claudia D.
Perfect Lipliner!

I desperately needed a red lip liner so I took a chance and ordered this product. It is beyond amazing, so pigmented, lasts all day and is the PERFECT red colour. It isn't too dark nor too light! I already have the Perfect Nude colour and it is my go to colour! But this is perfect for a night out! love it!

Ali S.
It really is the perfect red!

Wow. Let me preface this by saying that I am really, really picky about anything I put on my lips. Anything without the texture of a lip balm bothers me, all day. Stickiness, goopiness, dryness, and the like automatically make me toss a product in the trash. It's just how I am about lip products.

But, holy goodness, this is the best stuff ever. It feels like a balm, and dilevers a really rich color payoff. A great purchase in great packaging. Go for it, fellow beauty aficionados!

Monique M.
My HG red lip liner

This liner lives up to its name. It goes in smoothly, lasts longer than any other I've tried and is the most beautiful, flattering red shade. A lipliner that actually is perfect!

Liza C.
great lip liner

I know a lot of people don't want to spend a lot on lip liners, but in my opinion these are worth the splurge.these really do help your lip color last longer and the easy twist up packaging makes it easy to sharpen even if you don't have a sharpener on hand. These colors are great. I love Perfect Spice. Plus Too Faced is cruelty free. The tube also has a pencil holder like grip making it super user friendly for pros & novices alike.