Too Faced

Liquif-Eye Eyeshadow Collection


Kendra H.
Bright without a fight

I actually really like this product, very well pigmented colors. The clear liner takes some practice but works out well (be sure to wipe clean in between uses) & I think the best part is you wont have to waste your money on buying every single liner you are wishing for.

Alicia O.
Good color payoff

I bought this on a whim, but I haven't gotten a chance to use it that much. When I HAVE used it, the color payoff has been wonderful! There are some days when I don't feel like putting on eyeshadow, and this palette does the trick!

Michelle C.
Love the colors...

I bought this product because I had a gift card for sephora and I thought it would be cool to make my own eyeliner color. Well right away I did not like the liner. It soaks up all the color and I always found myself dipping for more color before I was even finished with the line. But I did love the colors. I still use them today and I have had this product for over two years now. That shows how these paletts last for a long time.

Ari  T.
Great idea but ....

I bought this palette because the idea of making all sorts of liner shades is just amazing to this liner loving girl but I was disappointed when it came to the shadows. I loved the clear liner, sad it ran out so fast but worth a repurchase! The shadows on the other hand lacked something, I feel like the color pay off is just not what it should be and they don't have a good staying power. Overall I am happy with the purchase because the clear liner is amazing and will defiantly become a staple item in my collection.

Romee H.

I got Too Faced Liquif-Eye Shadow Collection as my birthday gift. loved the color of eyeshadows. but i couldn't re-use liquid liner to different eye shadow!! color on the brush did not come off :(