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Too Faced

Lip Injection


Kendra H.
The best, wimps need not apply

This is by far the best lip plumper I have ever used! Bye bye barely there lips, hello boom boom pow pout! Its thick like lipglass but has a zinger tingle that maximizes the lips to what you wish you've always had. Although pretty zingy its worth very penny!

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Kaitlyn C.
Best lip plumper I've ever purchased ☺️

I love this gloss,it smells great. Does tingle for a little bit, but of coarse its supposed. Its diffrent from a lot of lip plumpers.. It dosent have that cool menthol sensation. I absolutely love !

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Dixie O.
Best non-surgical lip plumper for the perfect pout!

This gloss transforms my tiny lips into a full. Sexy celeb worthy pout in seconds. I is quite tingly so not for the faint hearted but I love it! It also has the best texture I could ask from a gloss and lasts a long time. A great gloss for the glamourous!

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Cyn D.

This lip plumper really works it does what it's suppose to do and you do notice the difference. I'm on my second tube and I will def. repurchase again.

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Brittney T.
Lip Injection Turn lips from Frail to Fierce!!

Haven't tried a lip plumper? Too Faced Lip injection is the way to go!! This sheer pink tinted gloss is going to turn your pout from Frail to Fabulously Fierce in seconds, With power house ingredients like Vitamin E and Avacado Oil this vegan friendly gloss will leave your lips feeling moisturized and beautiful. You can use this Plumper as a lip primer to prep your lips for your lipstick (like I do) or you can rock it by itself to give your lips a shine. For the full lip diva dolls you are not left out here, please know that Lip Injection is for you too, apply a little on your lips and you will notice your lips looking and feeling soft and smooth. Lip Injection also has a tingle sensation that indicate that the gloss is working HOW AMAZING!!

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Jamie H.
I've tried almost every lip plumper out there & this ones takes the cake

I've been obsessed with Lip injection for over 5 plus years now. After moving from the city where I had a sephora right down the street, I was not able to find it anywhere close so I tried numerous other lip plumpers & NONE of them plump my lips like lip injection does. I learned my lesson & now buy the large size when I'm in town shopping.

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Erin R.

I am obsessed with lip plumpers so I have definitely tried many of them, and this one ranks really high. I notice a difference in the size of my lips when I wear this. The tube is a little small for the price but other than that its great!

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Joie B.
great lip plumper

Love this gloss. Wish they had more colors. Really works well. I will continue to buy this one. I usually save spittle money by buying it in value sets.

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Mathilde M.

Not a big fan of this. It plumps your lips for a while, but it's like it stops working after you've had it for some time. I would guess your lips gets used to the formula after a couple of times. The price is not very affordable eighter.

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Ivy D.
Better than most

I bought this product because I'm always looking for a new lip plumper, and the first day I used this, it was awesome my lips looked great and as time went on the product just seem to fade out, it didn't plump my lips as much as it did when I first bought it. I do like it but I don't find myself grabbing for it everyday.

I've noticed when I do use it on my lips, the plumpness only lasts for maybe... Eh.... 45 mins?...

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