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Too Faced

Candlelight Glow Duo


Lydia V.
The buck stops here: Best Powder Highlighter EVER!

I love a dewy, youthful glow to my skin, but I've never found my "holy grail" highlighter that goes on smooth, doesn't set into the fine lines near my eyes, or look too glittery...Until I found the Too Faced Candlelight Duo! I have tried a number of liquid highlighters (Benefit Moon Beam, Mary Kay Liquid Illuminator) as well as the Physician's Formula Shimmer Brick, but never got the results I was looking for. The liquids felt too sticky on the skin and the Shimmer Brick was too glittery for my taste. But now that I found the Too Faced Highlighting Duo, I absolutely am obsessed with this product. Not only is it extremely pigmented, but you get a lot of product for your money. I just swirl a dual-fibered highlighting brush into the product and dab it above the apples of my cheeks, on the brow bone, and along the bridge of my nose. All you'll see is beautiful, glowing skin! If you're looking for an amazing highlighter for all skin tones with 2 colors, perfect pigmentation, and good value, look no further than this product! You'll love it!

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Nancy Jane P.

This Candlelight Glow Duo makes your skin look amazing. I use it separately at first using the sheer golden in the corners of my eyes and under my brow bones. Then the gilded rose to highlight the tops of my cheekbones. Then I swirl them both together and lightly go over my whole face. I'm 47 years old and this product makes me feel like I look 10 years younger. Thank you!

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Ada  P.

This is a very pretty highlighter. It is so soft, yet gives you the perfect pigment. It is very buildable but works great when you want a soft highlight without looking like aluminum foil. It works great as an all-over powder and also as an all-over shadow. Again, if you're looking for a dramatic highlight, you will have to be very generous because of how soft and light it is. Still, a great highlighter for your collection.

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Melissa D.

I am in love with this highlighter. I own so many different ones but this is by far my go to highlighter. It provides just enough glow without making me look like a disco ball. It is absolutely beautiful. I also love how it has the two shades . I normally use both at once but depending on my look if I want a warmer effect (like summer time) or a cooler affect, I will use that specific side but honestly I use both about 90 % of it and love it. Great great highlighter. Must have!

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Kaysi W.
Exactly what I wanted!

I went to the Too Faced counter at the Exchange on my husband's army base (it is discounted there by about $4!) to buy Chocolate Soliel. However....I stumbled across this product, swatched it, and immediately bought it! Earlier that day I was thinking that I wanted a powder highlight to set a cream one, and also because High Beam sometimes can be a tad too much. This product catches the light very nicely and has a beautiful glow! I can't believe I never knew about it before now.

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Irina K.
Very nice

I was looking for a good highlight and if you are to then definitely get this one. It's a very nice highlight with a bit of golden tones to it. It would look so great in the summer time especially ... Really good product !

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Allison M.

I first purchased the candlelight invisible power in an effort to get a pretty sheen for highlighting the tops of cheeks, bridge of nose, inside of eyes, etc. However that product didn't really work out for me...however this product has a lot more payoff and is perfect for highlighting. I think the duo aspect of this powder is really nice too so that you can use it more often for different purposes!

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Jemima E.
Love it

Such and amazing highlighter, it's not overly shimmery like many on the market. Gives a soft and subtle glow to the face, and when the light hits it.... It is just amazing. You can apply a small amount for a very soft glow, or build it up for the "strobing" effect.

Night F.

I love this highlighter. It is, quite possibly, the best powder highlighter of life. It works so well with my skin (MAC NW30) when I swirl the brush over both colors... omg, I cannot tell you how gorgeous that glow is. Amazing.

Jessica R.

I love this! I have had mine for a about 10 months and it still has a lot of product in it. I use it everyday! It's easy to blend so you don't have a streak of highlight. I haven't even considered trying any other highlight since I've found this one. I also use it as a highlight for my brow bone and get compliments all the time.