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Too Faced

Brow Envy Kit


Emily P.
Not worth the money for what I needed.

I splurged on this because it seemed like a great kit to ave everything all in one spot. After a couple months of using it, I found I didn't like the stencils, the brow pencil was much too thick, and the brow wax was a bit too greasy for me personally. It's a great kit, but just ended up not being what I needed.

I LOVE the highlighter though and have been trying to find a simalar product sold seperatly that I can use, because carrying that big box in my kit just for the highlighter and dark brow powder is inconvienent and I don't have a case to depot it into at the moment.

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Leeona W.
Great for those that need help learning how to shape their brows

I got this kit because my esthetician told me my brows were not shaped properly. The guides have helped to keep me from plucking areas that shouldn't be, and also helped me to pluck the right areas. I love the way you can build the color or use minimal amounts to fit the look. It looks much more natural than the pencil I was using because the color sticks to the hair, not the skin under it. The tools included are also nice. I have learned how to use the angled brush to achieve the look I am going for. I probably won't buy the kit again because I won't need everything it comes with. But I am glad I got it because now I can just purchase the right color and use what I learned to apply it!

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Karolina A.

Honestly, eyebrows are really a big thing to me. I dedicate a lot of time to my eyebrows! I like to have "perfect" brows. I like to switch up my eyebrow products every once in a while! When I saw this I was up for it, I decided to give it a try! Definitely worth the money! I love this, it's great because everything is compact. The shades are great and will work for many skin tones and they are great for my eyebrows! I love how they supply some eyebrow tools too! I use this everyday and I love how my eyebrows look. Honestly, one of the best eyebrow products I've ever tried. I would highly recommend this!

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Kendra J.

I purchased thid kit about a year ago when I first got into makeup. This kit is great for beginners. I later gave it to a friend because it was too light for my complexion.

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Ariel M.

I am a real stickler when it comes to eyebrows. They HAVE to be perfect. I can't count how many times I've plucked/waxed my brows, wasn't satisfied with how they looked and grew them out just to repeat the same process.

Prior to finding Too Faced Brow Envy, I was always drooling over Anastasia's brow kit, you know the one with stencils, a brow pencil, etc. Well, I didn't want to $65 for it and luckily I found Too Faced Brow Envy for a fraction of the price.

TFBE has 3 stencils, 2 brow powders, one setting wax, one highlighter, one mini spoolie, one mini pair of tweezers, one mini slanted eyeliner brush, and one mini brow pencil. Although I like the stencils that it comes with, they're not a perfect fit for me. The brow powder, pencil, spoolie and eyeliner brush are great to achieve the brow look you want.

I recommend this to anyone that has eyebrow OCD like I do, and is looking for a similar but inexpensive option to the Anastasia brow kit.

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Maili O.

I have oily skin & slim eyebrows . looking for such a thicker and fuller eyebrow I would recommend this to ANYONE . some friends come and ask to use this to great product . cute and effective

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Cookie H.

After years of not having normal looking brows due to plucking them at a very early age,which left me with pretty much with no brows. I can now say I HAVE BROWS AGAIN :-) all due to this wonderful product ( Brow Envy Kit) Ladies if you are having issues with your brows,this is a must have kit. Two thumbs up!

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Carrie K.
Extremely Versatile, Perfect for Brow Beginners and Brow Lovers!

They say that 2013 is the Year of the Brow. Too Faced's Brow Envy Kit should be a must-have in your make-up kit this year. You can create a multitude of looks with this kit thanks to the three plastic stencils that are cleverly packaged in a pull-out tray under two shades of brow powder, highlighter and setting wax. This is the perfect kit for brow beginners, but even brow experts will delight in the punch this collection packs. The packing is typically Too Faced. Beautifully packaged and worthy of a prominent space on your vanity.

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Nicole H.
best brow kit i've ever used!

I have thick, dark blonde/brown eyebrows and it's hard to find a color that matches them well; using both the blonde and brunette brow powders in this kit i achieve my PERFECT brow color! Since my eyebrows are quite thick i usually have problems with my eyebrow hairs being out of place of looking messy but the eyebrow wax in this kit works wonders and lasts all day. & it also comes with a highlighting creme, tweezers, stencils, an eyebrow brush and a spooly. This kit is a must have for anyone who likes to keep their brows well groomed or would like to start. :)

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Rica M.

Hands down, one of my favorite products! I never worried about my eyebrows before, until seeing a beauty guru on YouTube talking about her eye brow kit, and so after a quick search under my favorite make up brand (too faced, duh) I came across this baby, and never looked back! It has every thing you need for the most uhMAYzing eye brows ever! to pluck those few over grown strands, to fill in the inner point, or what ever it is you may need- this kit has got you covered!!

xox rica

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