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beautiful peachy pink dusted with gold. I can't imagine this not working on anyone. really sexy and as the other reviewers mentioned works great as an eyeshadow too. I even use this sometimes to glow up other parts of the body like collarbones, shoulders, etc. this is not a faint blush, so use a light hand to keep from going over the top...or just go right ahead and go right over the top. for those times when you feel like a shimmery warm gold-pink.

Lèvres rouges M.

This blush is super close to Nars Orgasm blush. It's a pinky/peachy coloured blush..Has a little bit o gold shimmer to go with it. This looks amazing I would definitely be buying this on the regular. This would also work as a great eyeshadow.

Amelia R.

I found this at TJ Maxx in a The Balm gift set. I bought it mainly for the eyeshadows in the set, but this blush is definitely the show stealer. It is as pigmented, if not more, than my Nars and Benefit blushes and the color is absolutely beautiful. I used it on every one of my friends for prom so I know it looks good on different skin tones. I can't say it lasts particularly long, but it's nothing unusual for a blush.

Séana S.
Love it!

I love the peachy-pink hue! And the shimmer is just the perfect amount for a little highlight without being overwhelming. I love this blush to bits! TheBalm hits all the right notes!

Azalea M.

This color is pretty, a peachy pink, with a gold shimmer, I find that this color looks best over a matte blush, the color it very very shimmer so use is sparingly!

Elex P.

I love the color and the way it blends in perfectly with my foundation. It has a bit of a shimmer to it but it's perfect for an everyday look.

Helena M.
mixing peaches and olives...

For those with an olive skin, this is a very good option of a peachy blush. It is indeed shimmery as others have pointed out, but it's not over the top. For those who already have an experience with Mac Peaches Blush, this is a very good alternative if you want to put a little bit more shine to your make-up.

Ashley C.
The Original Peachy!

This is the original Coralista by Benefit, I had this all over powder long before coral was the it color on the beauty market! I am really bummed Thebalm doesn't get as much coverage as it should! This is an awesome Blush, Highlighter, eyeshadow and more all in one! I purchased mine at Sephora for around $21 and this pan of product last forever i swear! Here are my Thoughts:

-Super small cute Retro Packaging & Large Pan of product -Travel safe & Makeup bag safe - A light peachy pink shade with gold for a sheer wash of color -Buildable color but works well with cheek stains the best or as a highlighter/eyeshadow -Last a good amount of time unless your sweating alot but easy to re-apply without looking like you just did. -No crazy smells and product does build up in pan this is where fall out will occur. just tap it all off and your fine. -Located at Sephora & Online

Hands down its a great all over product, i wear this & coralista by benefit alot because its my favorite color spectrum for my skin tone. Because this isn't just a blush its really worth the price and Thebalm has an awesome selection worth checking out!

Angela V.

I like this stuff it was a better color fit for me then down boy by the balm.. I love the balm line it is a great line of products.. I like that I can use this as a blush or I can use this as an eye shadow I can really use this anywhere.. Its not fixed to just 1 part of your face.

Krysty C.
Great NARS Orgasm dupe :)

Just the right amount of shimmer, works perfectly for my skin. It's got a peachy-gold hue that adds a subtle glow to my cheeks. People may find this inefficient because it won't really "show up" on darker skin, but it does work as a really beautiful highlight/blush.