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Shea Body Butter


Simone W.

My hands love the heck out of this lotion. I keep one at home and take a tub to work. The almond butter scent is a hit with everyone, especially the men, for some reason. They see it sitting there and run over to put some on. Lotion crack...good stuff. Teehee

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Siddhi P.
An absolute indulgence for skin!

I've been using this product and the brand range for the past 5 years. the Shea body butter is my entire family's fav ! it's my skin food cuz it hydrates my skin so well and it smells great. plus it's not too heavy. Yet I wouldn't recommend this for summer at all. Summer time I'd use the Shea body whip. the entire Shea range is smashing!

Kim W.

The texture of this body butter is simply divine! It leaves my skin feeling really soft and the scent lasts all day.It doesn't smell overly sweet but it leaves a delicate fragrance that makes you want to eat it! This body butter is perfect for people who suffer from really dry skin.I like to use right after having a hot bath before bed,and then wrap myself up in a dressing gown for an extra luxurious feel.

Inspired Artistry L.
For Dry Chapped skin WITHOUT a BREAKOUT

A wonderful, silky body butter. This can feel a little heavy if you like a lighter moisturizer. If this is so try the shea whip body lotion from the body shop. Its absolutly my favorite. Melts right in. But the body butter is great for after exfoliation. After the dead skin cells are removed and your out of the shower/bath, pat this skin so its just a little moist, then go right in with the body butter. Massage it in and the skin will suck it right up. Wonderful. I like to use this 3 times a week after exfoliating, especially on elbows and knees. And then a lighter lotion for the rest of the week. But this is great if your worried about breakouts.

Hasini J.
amazing body butter

This is the epitome of a body butter and i've recommended it to all of my friends and family. I have purchased many different 'flavours' but i love the cocoa version the most, alongside the shea butter and the coconut :) It absorbs into the skin and is quite a large tub for a reasonable price. There's a mini version you can purchase as a trial run.

Carlene F.

First off, this moisturizer smells amazing! Too bad it's not edible... And the moisture that this body butter gives you is like none other -- I can smooth just a little bit onto my skin and it will be moisturized for quite some time! ! Great for the winter for an overall body lotion, it might be a bit heavy in the summer, but i'll still use it, just not as much! ;)

Georginaa M.
Love It!

I have the Coconut Body Butter in the winter because it really smooths and hydrates your skin when the bitter weather and central heating is drying it out your skin, in the summer I use the Pink Grapefruit Body Butter because it does the same but the smell is heavenly and gives you a great summer feeling xx:)

JoJo M.

I love this product. I was a bit on the nah side because, some shea prducts tend to have an odd scent. To the exception of this body butter it smells wonderful. Great for the winter and year round season as well. It's not too heavy and little goes along way. Great product for dry skin. It really does give your skin that 24 hour moisture as stated.

Candace P.
Must have for winter weather

If you live in Canada like I do, this is a must have. This gets me through the cold, dry winter months. It's rather thick, so you do not need much, and it takes a bit to dry-but it's worth the wait! My skin is silky smooth throughout the day and it has a nice subtle scent that my Fiance loves ;)

Christina L.
Love em!

I love the selection of scents The Body Shop has. I love having choices. I have owned a few of these over the years. Leaves your skin feeling super super moisturized and supple. Love it!