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Aloe Calming Toner

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Clover H.
Best toner ever

It's very very mild, absolutely no irritation, it just feel amazing on the skin, I would want to use it as a face mask if possible. Have already purchased a second bottle and will start using it as soon as the seaweed one is finished.

Karoline H.
Reduce pores

I have had a lot of acne the past few years, and this product really helps! I use it everyday and I can see a big different! I would differently recommend it! :-)

Danielle C.
Does the job and doesn't dry out!

I never used toners, until I started working at the Body Shop. Your skin care routine should be wash exfoliate tone serum and moisturizer. I included this product into my daily skin care routine and it really is great! It doesn't dry out but also my skin feels cleaner! It takes off what you cleanser didn't get. Also the aloe is very calming and takes away a lot of redness! Will be keeping this in my routine!