Aburatorigami Japanese Blotting Papers


Nicole A.
worth every penny!!!

I absolutely love the tatcha brand, 90% of my skincare routine consists of this brand. These blotting papers are the best on the market hands down!!! I am severely oily and have struggled over the years to keep my makeup in place sometimes having to use multiple touch up products. I've been using this brand for about 7 months now and it's seriously a game changer. 1st off I love the size of them one sheet does my whole face, it removes all excess oils and leaves behind an airbrushed like look, no clumping, or patches in my makeup. I only have to use one sheet midway through my day and it gets the job done. No more heavy blot powders or other blotting sheets that stick to my face!! Totally worth the money the quality is just superb!!!

Lilly W.
Best Blotting Papers

I have sensitive/combination skin that makes my T-Zone shine, and during Summer it gets even worse. These papers are so great, they absorb all the excess oil on my skin without removing makeup, and they do not irritate my skin. They are a must-have for every oily-skinned girl. You can check out my full review of this product on my blog: http://genuineglow.com/tatcha-petal-fresh-original-and-evening-aburatorigami-japanese-beauty-papers/

Crystal H.
I feel like royalty when I use these!

While most blotting papers work pretty much the same and essentially do the same thing.. this one does it with more finesse.. They take away the excess oil without taking your makeup with it, or leave my skin feeling dry. There is actual gold flakes in these awesome papers and it could be why my face feels so luxuriously supple and balanced after blotting with them. No other blotting papers compare.

Krystal C.
Worth all the $$!
Photo of product included with review by Krystal C.

I have been using these Tatcha Beauty Papers, Original Aburatorigami for almost a year now. They have replaced my drugstore blotting sheets and blotting powders. I have been using these sheets to remove any oils on my skin prior to applying my makeup, I use them on days when I don't wear any makeup to help reduce my natural oils, and of course I use them to touch up my skin when wearing makeup for extended time. My favorite thing about these papers is that no matter how many times you blot your skin, they don't mess up or remove your makeup. They absorb the oils cleanly without changing the effect of your face makeup. I can even use these on my eye lids to remove any extra oils they may be producing and my eye shadows don't lose their shape or pigmentation.

Mimi Z.

I love this blotting paper! My t zone is very oily so this paper helps absorb the oil but not leaving my skin dry at all! The packaging looks very high end and simple! definitely recommend this!

Margaret R.
Real Beauty Treasure

I've used this papers for months and they have become my go-to beauty product - a real everyday luxury. My skin is oily but also sometimes dry in patches. These blotting papers remove the shine and leave a powder smooth finish without the chalky-look of actual powder. I use a paper in the morning (both sides) after applying moisturizer and before makeup and then during the day/evening as needed. I highly recommend this papers and carry them in my purse always!

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Nancy-Lee C.
Luxury, squared

Perhaps it is the flecks of gold that present visible elegance but these blotting papers are truly luxurious.

I used it for the first time yesterday. I am pretty oily and these quickly made me matte. I simply press a sheet onto my cheeks and forehead, using both sides of the paper and toss - they are 100% biodegradable!! The best part: they will not mess with your makeup. Since you're only pressing these, not rubbing your skin, you remove oil not cosmetics.

They are powder and fragrance free, allowing for the abaca leaf to naturally absorb excess oil. They will not interfere with your makeup so they are a great way to combat shine breakthrough without caking on more makeup and / or powder. Each package contains 30 sheets, you use both sides of each sheet and then toss - they are 100% biodegradable. They lost 1/2 a star because the papers are nearly 4" square: they do not fit in my makeup bag unless I cut them in half.

I high recommend these blotting papers and will rebuy.

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