Maracuja Lip Exfoliant

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Jessica B.
Super exfoliating/moisturizing

Since Korres discontinued their lemon lip scrub, which was amazing and I'm still angry that I can't find it anywhere (not that I'm bitter, or anything), I've been looking for an at least half-way decent replacement. It appears I've found it (and more) from Tarte's maracuja lip exfoliant. While I admit the recent maracuja oil/argan oil explosion in beauty products seems fad-ish, I've always been impressed by Tarte's products, so I figured I'd give this a try. I purchased this using the Tarte's family and friends discount through their website, which brought the cost down considerably. I'll admit when I first purchased this, I was disappointed. I couldn't seem to find anything exfoliating about it, though the packaging claimed it contained raw sugar. However, I discovered that there are actually two layers (thought not very distinct) in this product. The top layer is a lip balm, which is very minty and moisturizing. Great, I thought, but I wanted an exfoliant. Well, after about four uses, and focusing primarily on the center of the tin, I found the second layer. So I applied the sugar crystals, rubbed my lips together a few times, and voila! My lips were super soft, hydrated, and ready for lipstick! Bonus: it costs less, even without the discount, than the Korres scrub did. Double bonus: it comes in a cute tin! Try it!