Gifted Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara

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Normah M.

The packaging is so pretty . It volumises my straight lashes , only after curling . However i had to swipe off a little product from the bristles as it tend to clump on your lashes especially the low lashes . Biggest drawback is the lingering smell :(

Lisa S.

I definitely have to disagree with the negative reviews on this product. I LOVE this mascara. I have straight short lashes, and i warm my tarte eyelash curler up with my blowdryer and use this tarte mascara and holy crap...this stuuf extends my lashes about 3 times the original length. I got a sample of the tarte eyelash primer and ehhh it really wasnt necessary, didnt make a difference with my lashes

Darian B.
I Love This The Way I Should Love "They're Real" By Benefit

This mascara lives up to its claims and gives me the same effect that I got when I tried "They're Real". My issue with "They're Real" was the fact that it seemed to make my lashes hard and when I would remove it, some of my lashes would come with it! After using this for two weeks now, my lashes look great; no more lash loss for me. I get tons of compliments on how nice my lashes look.

Susen F.
Gloopy, Gloppy, Sticky

I love the packaging, but really did not like anything about the product. It's so incredibly thick and sticky and it clumps like nothing else. Because of the gloopy texture going on, and the terrible clumping, I can't say it volumized or lengthened my lashes. I returned it after 5 uses.

AngeLica K.

This is the first tarte product I bought. I am very eco friendly and when I stumbled upon this the packaging of bamboo really caught the eye. I used this type enough to purchase two tubes. I did enjoy it while it lasted, but I noticed that it would end up flaking off after 4 hours or so. Couldnt have that happen anymore. Lights Camera Action fixed that problem.

Jessica B.
Clumps a little

I really wanted to like this mascara due to its lengthening and conditioning properties, not to mention the really cute bamboo packaging. I actually found that it lives up to its claims fairly well, but it clumps! Also, the more often I use it, the more I notice the formula becoming drier. I think it's because due to the nature of the packaging, it doesn't have enough of a seal around the cap to keep enough air out. I'm going back to LCL...it doesn't clump or dry out.

Christina G.
Didn't deliver.

This mascara made some pretty serious promises that it did not live up to. I didn't use it for very long so I can't really speak to the long-term restorative benefits, but it's general appearance was weak. I didn't get nearly as much volume or length as I get from some of my favorite mascaras. I wasn't really crazy about the formula and definitely didn't think it was worth the money so I ended up returning it. I don't really have problems with lash loss but if I was worried about that, I think I would prefer using a treatment at night or before mascara rather than this product. To me, the supposed benefits weren't worth having puny-looking lashes all day.