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Heat Protection Spray


Kayla H.
Great product~Great price ;)

I blow dry/straighten my hair every other day so I need that extra heat protection. I had tried literally every heat protectant out there, and I always come back to suave. It doesnt make my hair feel like it had a "layer" of product over top of it like all the other products I had tried in the past. Since using this I have noticed less split ends/ damage.The smell is great and its SO cheap. I go through bottles of this! haha. Awesome product and of course I will continue to use this

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Kao Yee V.
Love it

I needed a heat protection spray for my hair since my hair had been looking nappy after I blow dry it. This product made my hair super soft after blow drying. My hair doesn't feel like its about to break one by one anymore. Lol. In the meantime, I love this product. Smells great...not too heavy on your hair.

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Lauren G.
Not Bad

I picked this up because it was cheap and I like a few other Suave products. I use this every time I straighten my hair and it does a good job of protecting my hair especially my ends! I'm on my 2nd bottle and my mom has started using it and she also loves it! Doesn't hurt to try it for the price.

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Carly T.
Just four stars, not five

First impression: the smell is GREAT and the bottle will last you a long time if you only use heat tools three-four times a week. After spraying on different sections of my hair, I always go over them a second time. I feel like this product has a hard time sticking so make sure you are thorough in applying it. My hair has not been damaged more or less since I've used it for six months.

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Jennifer S.

I bought this spray because the store was sold out of the Tresseme heat spray I normally use and this one was cheaper than the one that I use. I wasn't sure if I would like this when I bought it since I haven't really been a huge fan of Suave. I was right. I hated this. It made my hair feel so coarse and thicker than normal. My hair felt so dry. I feel like if I would have just straightened my hair with nothing on it, I would have gotten better results than I did using this. I highly do not recommend this.

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Frostayyyy ..

This product works very well for my hair type, especially considering the price, and it doesn't leave my hair smelling burnt. The only drawback for this product is that I have to spray so much until my hair is slightly damp, wait for it to dry--I don't ever blow dry it, then spray a little bit more before I style it.

Bria K.
My Defender XD

I like this for the price, and the fact that my hair seems to be protected. It lasts for a really long time, and as far as I can tell, it does its job. I haven't had any issues with damage or breakage.

Carolyn Q.

I need it to protract my hair from the heat of the straight iron . because it is a tool that get every hot & hair is not that strough so you need protract it.