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Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner


Angela s.

I'm in love with this liner, I have it in 3 colors. These liners are very pigmented and go on very nice. This is the first crayon liner I've found that doesn't smudge/run through the day, and stays on the water line for more then 6hrs, AMAZING. So if I put it on at 9am it will look the same way by 5pm it's great. Yes it is $20 but its well worth it, and no matter what anyone says I haven't found any drugstore crayon liner thats comparable to this one that has its staying power. Def a solid 5 star product that I recommend.

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Michelle L.
Pretty much amazing!

I have this eyeliner in Stingray and I absolutely LOVE it!! I can't live without black eyeliner. I feel incomplete without it. I have used many different brands in the past and sometimes I'll stick to brands longer than others until the next best thing comes along. Well voila! I have found it! I have really sensitive eyes and when my allergies act up they get really watery and itchy. When this happens its hard to keep my makeup intact, especially my eyeliner. This liner did not was perfect the whole day!! I only have one little teeny tiny problem with it... it doesn't last me as long as the other liners I've tried. Other than that it's pretty much amazing!

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Emma M.
Ah great product!

I purchased two of these when Ulta had it's sale during the 21 Days of Beauty when they were buy one get one free! So at $20 each, I decided it would be a good deal to try them out now. They are so easy to smudge and are highly pigmented. I got the shades Peacock and Purple Tang. Peacock is a vibrant teal shade and Purple Tang is a dark purple, almost black with dark purple glitter throughout. It took forever to get the swatches off my hand lol. These last forever!!

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Serena K.
can't get anything better!!

By far the best eyeliner i have ever used!! last all day and night, smudge free, water proof, easy to apply. perfect to make a simple line or add a flare at the end. i would defiantly recommend!

Mindy D.

This is an absolutely amazing product. Stays on all day, and you never have to worry about those nasty eye goobers! I have very sensitive, allergy ridden eyes, and I had no problems with this product. Beware tho... there is not much product in the pencil, and no warning of when it may run out. You may want to keep an extra on hand.

Monique B.
Love this!

I really love this eyeliner, I have never been able to line my upper lids with a pencil eye liner. I can with this one, the color is very black and it is so simple to apply, it also glides on so smoothly. I can also wear this on my bottom waterline which is rare for me my eyes tend to not let anything stay on my waterline. This was given to me as a present but I will be buying another for sure.

Nicole D.
Lasts Forever!

This is the longest lasting eyeliner I have ever used, Works best for your waterline, I like to use liquid on my lids so i usually only use this for the waterline, but works way better than my urban decay 24/7 pencils! It will stay on all day!

Chyna W.

This is officially my new go-to liner! I actually ended up getting this liner along with the new Stila palette I purchased today...So I figured I would use it. Unfortunately I had a death in the family so I was crying a lot today. Not only did this liner last all night...but I was amazed when I looked to see if my makeup was running and it still looked perfect. I'm definielty a fan of this eyeliner for sure now! ^_^

Laura O.

This liner is amazing!!! The color is super black, applies so smoothly and last forever in my eyes. Also, as a big plus, I love the fact that you don't have to be sharpening it. I've always like these type of pencils but the formula were too dry. But these ones, OMG I will love these forever!

Jordana K.
Love love love love love

In the UK, unless we go internet, Stila is quite hard to find. So when I walked into Boots, imagine the fangirl dance I did when I saw a brand new Stila stand, so new that it didn't even have testers yet. I bought a beach palette and this eyeliner in Stingray (black)

Oh my flipping flip flip, what did I ever do without it? It sticks to your waterline and does not move. Theres no liner fallout beyond the lashline when applied on the waterline and it blends like a dream!!! Its amazing - go get it now lol! I know I'll be getting more colors when my funds replenish themselves!