Prime Pot


Jen P.

This is incredible, my favourite eye primer by far. I love it in the colour Taffy, and use it on myself nearly everyday and on my clients. It is perfect for making sure your shadow stays put all day and all night. It's lovely and creamy and a little goes a long way which makes it great value for money. I seriously stress when this runs low and I haven't found any other base close to being this brilliant.

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Stephanie H.
Incredible Lasting Power!
Stephanie H.'s Review Image

This is by far the best primer I have use on my eyes EVER! I know that is a big claim. But, it is true. Stila starts off by giving you this amazing color (mine is in Taffy) that completely mutes out any discoloration on your lids. You start with a fresh beautifully toned lid. Then it adds the lasting power, It literally holds my eye make up on for 8-10 hours, no smearing, no smudging NOTHING. The only down side I would say for this product is color selection. They only have Taffy & Caramel and if you have a darker skin complexion then you wouldn't be able to find a shade. Which I hope they put out one soon. But this waterproof eye shadow primer is hands down the best. If you love excellent hold and brighter eye shadow go out and pick this up!

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Hannah A.
Lasts forever!

I got this as a Sephora 100 point perk. I've used it everyday since I got it. It really smooths out the texture of my eyelids. And the color as well. The texture is really nice. Definitely check this out.

Anneka F.

This is probably my favourite eye shadow base. I definitely prefer Taffy over Caramel. It's smooth and creamy to apply, blends nicely. I usually just use my ring finger to apply it on myself but when applying on other people I like to use a fluffy brush with it. Eyeshadow applies perfectly over top and doesn't catch or 'grab'. It keeps my shadow in place ALL day and ALL night. It's amazing! And will last for so long! I couldn't live without it.

Idah H.

i simply love this product over the over-rated udpp!whats best is that it brightens up my eyes Once applied but gotta blend at the speed of light as it dries up too quick.Half star was taken as it doesnt holds shimmery shadows that well,staying power is not as gd as udpp which stays forever.

Sarah C.
great primer, but......

The only color available to me was taffy, the lighter of the two colors & I still have to put lighter concealer over it, as its too dark for me. Another thing I dont like is the packaging, I have long nails & have to dig it out. I do like the coverage and how it grabs shadow, plus a little goes a long way. I too wish it came in more shades.

Danielle W.

I've been on the hunt for a holy grail eye primer. After using and disliking the most popular ones, (Too Faced, Urban Decay, ELF), I found this primer in Ulta in the Stila section. I had never heard anything about it through the beauty community and was so curious and in need of a new primer so I purchased it. At first I really loved it. My shadows never creased and it went on so smoothly and concealed the veins in my lids. But as the months wore on, it was harder to blend into my skin. The product began to crack around the edges of the pot and instead of the velvety consistency it had been, it was thick and clay like. Shadows became harder to blend over the primer. I don't understand how it could have dried out so quickly. The lid was always sealed completely and like all my cream products, stored upside down.

All in all it was a wonderful primer while it lasted. I was disappointed that for $20 I only got 6 months use when it should have lasted at least a year.