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One Step Foundation


Moonshine R.
I love this all in one foundation -even on my dry skin!

I actually purchased 7 shades for my pro makeup it for my oil skin clients. It also photographs beautifully too -I recently used on an Agency represented model. I decided to try it one day and I love it! So I purchased one for my personal makeup kit. I used creamier moisturizer as my skin is pretty dry and the foundation (tan) was amazing on my skin. I love the coverage -its buildable. I usually like to wear tinted moisturizers. It conceals my broken capilaries.

Jani M.
My favorite foundation!

Perfect for those with oily skin. The color selection is not that great. Luckily, I was able to find a shade in my exact (or almost exact) color. It's marketed as a 4-in-1 product. A primer, foundation, powder, and concealer. The first three are true. It goes on smooth and lasts for hours (primer, check!). It gives me a nice coverage (foundation, check!) and it leaves your face with a matte finish (powder, check!). Now when it comes to the concealer portion, meh. It doesn't do what it says it will. It claims to be buildable but at a certain point, you can't really build your coverage. If you're looking for a dewy finish, this product is not for you, but if you like matte finishes (like I do), then this is the perfect product!

Toya A.
Perfect 10!

During the summer this is the best product, I hate to get up early to do my makeup in the morning, and I find One Step seriously cuts down the time needed to get my face together! And on top of that, it lasted all day with perfect coverage, no shine and it doesn't feel heavy. No colouring book face here :)

I use Deep/S470-08

Marina R.

I like the look of it and I love the texture. It almost like it sinks into your skin and your are done. Easy to apply and the color matches me. I use both light and tone since I get a tad darker during the summer time. Love it

Nicole P.
Best foundation I've tried!

This is by far the best foundation that I've tried. I absolutely love it. I use fair (01) and it covers everything that I want to hide and leaves behind a nice finish and no need to use additional powder. I still use concealer for the dark circles under my eyes but for the rest of the red spots, this does the trick. It is matte finish, so if you're looking for a light, fresh face, this isn't for you. If you're looking for a natural 'oh, this is my real skin' look, this also isn't for you. It is more of a full coverage foundation. The only downside is the pump, I'm not really a big fan of it because occasionally the product just doesn't want to come out and then whoops! I've pumped out too much. That may just be user error though :)

Madison P.

When i got this in the mail, i was SUPER excited. Since i dont have a primer, i thought this would be the perfect product. Sadly, i got the color that is too tan for me. (i bought it online) Even though the color isnt right, i still love this product. More brands need to make foundation like this! It has a pump, which i love. It gives you a matte face, and you can build up the coverage. (the coverage is medium/full)

Lauren C.

i really love this product...the texture is nice, the look is nice...the product blends really well and the coverage is really nice..only problem is sometimes i do feel that it is clogging my pores in a stays all day, but i get nervous with liquid foundation that i will break out a little more...but this is a pretty good product and i do approve this product, i would recommend this to anyone if they asked for a good liquid foundation

Ana G.
not perfect for all skin types

this works great for me in the spring and summer. In the winter my skin tends to get dry and umm no this did not work well. I like the matte look it gives my skin.

AlmostStylish X.
Colors are slightly off

I tried this product on my hunt for a better foundation and I'm not impressed.. Its more of a bb cream than a foundation.. The colors are also limiting.. The color I have is very orange.. It blends okay but still not a great coverage, not the performance I'd expected.. You can read more details on my review over at my blog if you're interested.. I also review the Stila concealer in the post..

Elle A.

This foundation did not work for me at all! It was way too cakey, the color was all wrong. I just could not get this to function. I love the concept of having a one step make up but it did nothing for my pores or oil control, which is what I was struggling with at the time of purchasing this. I stopped using this after only a few uses, it was bad.