In the Light Palette


Blanka E.
Believe in the beauty of the future :) - (Sarah Lucero)

This palette has 10 neutral shades, 7 of them are shimmer and 3 matte color. 4 of this colors I found them really similar to the naked 2 palette. and the other 6 are a bit different. In my opinion this is a GREAT buy, and not only you would love the colors, but they're also very pigmented. I personally dont find any fall outs, like others do, the price is way better than the naked palettes, I believe I paid $39. and not only comes with a look book, that is handy but also comes with a full size eyeliner which I absolutely love, is a must have in my collection, is a very dark brown and every single time I use it I receive tons of compliments from strangers, I'm very happy with my palette, give it a try._ I will start posting pictures using this palette very soon...

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Taylor G.

I've had this palette for 2 years now and it is one of my favorites. It has all the perfect neutral shades that you could need. The eye shadows are creamy and easily blendable. All the shades go beautifully together. I highly recommend it if you don't have it.

Breanna A.

The colors look well with my medium complexion, and in general just good colors alone, or could make a great look with a few. I love the mattes and shimmery colors they give. And the black is really pigmented

Taylor M.

I was debating between this and naked 3 and ended up buying this. It's $40 which is a bit pricey if your a drugstore buyer but I truly is worth it. you can create so many looks and the shadows are ALL so pigmented. as for the eyeliner I don't really like it. it's a smudge stick in damsel (deep brown) not my favorite but I'll give it another try and probably give it to a friend

Katerina G.

All the colours are so pigmented! I've wanted this so badly! whenever going to sephora, I'd always swatch it but remind myself that I have the Naked pallet ... but I finally caved in to buy it and I don't regret it! The shadows are so smooth and apply very easy on the lid! Love this so much!

Sarah N.
Use it everyday!!!

This palette is my go to palette!!! I use it every morning before school! My favorite color is bare. I love it so much I hit pan!!! Favorite palette right now! Iv'e been using it for about two months now and never had any negative thoughts! Love it!!!❤️

Carly R.
absolutly gorgeous shades

if you like neturals go for this pallet! it has shimmers, it has mattes, its extremely pigmented and there all so smooth definitely worth the money! my personal favorite shade is bliss just a perfect crease color just love it!

Ellakai P.

This is the best palette ! we sell this at my work like its going out of fashion! It is my go-to product when i do any type of eye design really The texture is silky, the pigment is amazing and it has kitten! suitable for all complexions ; and goes amazing with any eye colour!! Plus the smudge sticks are the best! super smudgey when you want it, then doesn't move once its set. Such good value! you must add it to your makeup wardrobe <3

Macey O.
Love the shades

I got this as a Christmas present and I love it. I use it almost everyday and you can do a lot of different looks. From daytime casual to nighttime fabulous. Love.

Amelia C.
In love with this

This pallette has 10 shadows that all go together so perfectly. I deffinitly love the shade Kitten which is very simmilar to Sin and there's also another very similar to Half Baked. So if you want something similar to the naked pallette, here's an idea! I absolutely love this pallette, these colors are EXTREMELY pigmented and i love it<3