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Illuminating Liquid Foundation


Jackee M.
Illuminating Effect is Perfect!!

I received a nice size sample of this foundation from Sephora and have been using it for about a week now. I am really surprised to say that I really like it a lot. I tend to stay away from foundations that says Illuminating, Glowy, etc., because I have combo/oily skin and don't want to look like a big greaseball!

The coverage is light to medium but is definitely buildable if you want more. The product goes on pretty smoothly and the illuminating effect is subtle in my opinion. I'd say it's more of a healthy glow and is perfect for someone with my skin type.

As far as lasting power; I think it does a good job. I still have product on my face at the end of the day, and I'm happy with that. I do have to blot 1-2x per day, but that is typical with me with any foundation.

Overall, I'm really pleased with the sample. I think I need to go 1 shade darker for a perfect match, but the 50 watts works okay right now. Once I'm done with my 50 other foundations (joking), I think I will buy a full size bottle of this. I think it would be perfect for the winter!

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Annie K.

I've been using this foundation for years now, and I do think it provides a subtle glow to my face. I would say it is light-medium coverage, but relatively easily buildable. I think there's a tad of shimmer in the formula, but it's nothing that you'll notice really unless you look closely at the skin of your hands after applying. I do usually set it with translucent powder as well. This foundation is also great for a natural look as it does not get cakey at all. However, if you live in very hot temperatures or exercise/sweat a lot while wearing this, it can start to melt (it's happened to me before). But still, a great product!