Eye Shadow Pan


Katen M.
Love it! Must buy!

Amazing texture and pigment! Lots of color selection. Been a huge fan of these eyeshadow and of all Stila products for years.

Must have for all makeup lovers. Reasonable price for high end make up

Elle W.
Easy to wear all-over lid color

I have this product in the shade Kitten, one of Stila's best-known shades. It's a shimmery pinky nude and works great as everything from an all-over color to a highlight shade. The packaging is not to die for, it's a plain black snap-close shadow case but it feels fairly secure and durable. The product itself is a powder with a cream texture and applies easily and evenly. I love using this as an all-over lid color for everyday makeup looks.

Myrna P.

I love stila an I think the prices for the pans are decent and affordable. They last long and the colors are pretty. Wish they had more colors than they have now but we shall see

Shelley W.
Best Shade

Out of all the Stila shades Kitten is my all time fave. This is a universal shade that work on all skin tones. I usually pair it with my Bobbi Brown Eyeliner Gel in Black Mauve and it makes me eyes seriously pop.

Nora d.
Sun and Kitten.

My top two colors from stila. They are both a lot alike but i prefer kitten. I am almost done with kitten (tear) these are the softest shadows and well worth the money!

Ning C.

I love the La Douce shade (looks like a pretty deep bronzey black on my eye, even though it looks greenish in the pan) and it's better now that it's in this aluminum pan--the old cardboard packaging would always fall apart when it got wet!

Evelyn M.
Great color payoff

At first I wasn't much into Stila because their colors aren't bold and bright like MAC or Urban Decay ... but they do blend really well and they have good color pay off. Good for natural eyeshadow looks, soft color looks, or smokey eyes. It's good to stock up when they have their warehouse sale! ;-)

Emma H.
"It girl trio"

I bought the it girl trio from ulta for TEN DOLLARS.. it comes with lame, chloe, and kitten... TEN DOLLARS.. correct me if im wrong but these are FULL sized.. I dont think i would pay 18$ for each of these though.. i always find the stila refil pans for like 7.99 at nordstrom rack, which im happy with. looveee the colors, pigmentation and so forth.

Victoria S.
One of my all-time favorites
Photo of product included with review by Victoria S.

I just keep going back to this eyeshadow. It's hard to find that perfect base that has the right tone warm and cool, the right balance of shimmer, and the right pigment. Stila Starlight most definitely fits all of that criteria. Starlight is a brighter version of my skin, a fair beige that seems to melt on my skintone and make it glow. It's the ultimate eye shadow wash, and can be worn with virtually ANY color. I like that it doesn't have the frost of say, Stila Kitten, but it's not completely matte either. The proper balance of shimmer is essential when looking for an everyday shadow with some oomph to it. In the photo, I am wearing it with a taupe and sapphire colored eyeliner. See how the shadow just glows? It's amazing stuff. With so many neutral wash shades on the market, I keep coming back to this because it's one of the best.

***Please see my review on Barefoot Contessa for a general overview of Stila Eye Shadows

Victoria S.
One of the industry's most beautiful taupes...
Photo of product included with review by Victoria S.

Diamond Lil is a diamond in the eye shadow rough! It's a light-medium iridescent taupey grey with subtle golden undertones. it's quite possibly one of the most unique taupes I've ever seen. Usually taupes lean either very gray or very brown, but Diamond lil balances its gray base well with a warm overcast. It's a beautiful neutral and I wear it a lot with dark brown eyeliners (like the picture), or even with bright eye liners to balance their intensity. It's a very soft texture and even a bit crumbly so be careful when handling this, otherwise, a definite winner from Stila!

***Please see my review on Barefoot Contessa for a general overview of Stila Eye Shadows