Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick


McKayla S.
Stays But Comes Off When You Want It To

These are definitely one of my favorite formulas. They feel so lightweight and yet are so pigmented! They smell great, go on soft and smooth, and dry fast (but not too fast). They also don’t “crackle” too bad at the end of the day like other formulas. I would love to buy more colors.

Hadessa P.
I love the neon pink color

this is one of my favorite liquid lipstick, I was so happy when I found in this page, the pigmentation is out of mind. stay forever and doesn't feel dry or flaky, is amazing Stila please keep production this color. I love 1000% recommended

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Hu H.

this color is better for summer I think.... I like the color but not for me I sent to my friend

Katie C.

Overall, I LOVE this liquid lipstick. It is very light weight and lasts throughout the day without having to reapply. I also love that it does not feel dry. Caramello is a very pretty nude color!

Ana D.
The Perfect Shade of Red for ALL Skin Tones!

I saw Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wearing Stila Liquid Lipstick in the shade "Beso," so I bought Stila Liquid Lipstick in the shade "Beso." Seriously tho, this is an amazing color and the perfect shade of red. I apply in the morning and then again after lunch! I don't have to reapply when I am out getting drinks with friends (unless we be snacking). Stays on great! The smell is great too.

Johanna R.
Best Liquid LipStick (Wearing it on my pic)

OMG I bought this a little late I wish I would have discovered it earlier! Very pigmented and does NOT dry your lips out. Does not transfer too much and stayed put after I ate a greasy pizza (carefully). This color is absolutely gorgeous and hands down my favorite red (I own about 28 shades of red so that says a lot lol). A must buy, do not hesitate, you will love the formula!

Alexis Y.
Photo of product included with review by Alexis Y.

very thin and drying. it was pretty streaky and within 10 minutes it was crumbling off in little balls and i had pretty bad butthole lip.

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Elizabeth G.
Gorgeous color, Matte finish.

I’m always skeptical when purchasing lipstick online but after looking at this shade on different skin tones I figured why not. I’m medium/tan skin tone and it looks absolutely beautiful. I was surprised that it didn’t feel dry or “heavy” since it is a matte but it’s very light, almost feels moisturizing it’s and easy to take off. Kiss proof, not make out proof.. for those who are wondering lol

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Yesenia C.
Great color but a bit drier than Jeffrey Starr

Only reason why im keeping is bc i luv the color..Fabulous pigmentation but a bit to dry for me. I love matte liquid lipsticks but for the price mmm wasnt worth me buying another from the company...i have tried many companies and alway go back to Jeffrey Starr...glides on velvety, great wand for application, and doesnt feel dry or flaky when it dries...

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Alex D.
Photo of product included with review by Alex D.

pigmentation: 5/5 very opaque when applied, lovely color, got lots of compliments when i wore it

wear: 5/5 comfortable, not very drying

longevity: 4/5 minimal fading when i had lunch which was fixed by retouching, flaked off when i ate ice cream sadly

price: 3/5

this smells like most liquid lipsticks, like a cake batter

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