St. Ives

Intensive Healing Hand Cream


Mary S.
Good for Fast Food Workers or Nurse's hands

St. Ives Intense Healing Hand Cream is a lotion that claims to "heal dry, rough hands" and is "clinically proven to keep hands moisturized all day" Its non - irritating, fragrance free, hypo-allergenic, cruelty free and contains 100% all natural moisturizers like olive leaf extract, cranberry seed oil, and grape seed oil. My mum got this for me at WalMart for $3 for 3 fl oz of product. Mummy got this for me when I was suffering from a serious case of fast food hands. They're like Nurse's Hands, but with more burns and dried ketchup under your nails, on top of the dryness, redness, peeling, and weak nails. It's pretty uncomfortable and really unsightly. Packaging of this hand cream is the basic up-right squeeze tube with plastic flip top cap. Nothing reviewable or exciting. The tube seems to collapse on its self as it empties, so there's not much problem getting product stuck at the top. The tube is fairly large, but still fit in my winter coat pocket to take to work with me. Formula is thick, white, and feels buttery. A little bit goes a pretty long way. I've had this tube for a bit over a year and I still have a little bit left in there. The cream takes a bit longer to sink in because of its thickness. But I feel like that causes it to moisturize deeper and more evenly. The moisture I get from this is good and natural feeling, no greasy or stickiness. The moisture doesn't last as all day like the package claims. I feel the need to reapply after 3-4 hours. Which isn't too bad. Healing-wise, this cream didn't work any miracles, but it did help. Over a two week period of most of the peeling and soreness went away and dryness was minimized but still there. I still had wrinkly, red, dish water hands. But they were better than before. I don't like how this cream smells. I don't like super perfumed lotions, as I find them drying, but I also don't like unscented lotions. It reminds me of medical soap/DermaScrub. All up this is a good hand cream if you have dry, peeling hands. I recommend it to my fellow restaurant cooks. We kept a bottle of it in the office at my work after I initially brought it in. It's budget friendly, functional, a tad greasy, and doesn't smell very good. Just like a cook. ;)