Sonia Kashuk

Eye Makeup Remover

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Myshel D.

If you have sensitive eyes this is perfect to take makeup off your eyes with out rubbing it a million times...hehe. Also, You only need to add a dab to your cotton swab & it comes right off. So it's a great value for the price!

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Ariel P.

This eye makeup remover is a heaven sent! It works so well with waterproof mascara and eyeliners. I use this with a cotton ball and just hold it on my eye for about 10 seconds and majority of my makeup is gone! The only negative of this product is I fine that it leaves a white residue after use which is easy to get off with water. I have tried other makeup removers and this is the best I have tried!

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Wafi A.
Favorite Eye Makeup Remover

At my job I am constantly swatching items for clients and customers. Urban Decay 24/7 liners are super hard to come off. Nothing at work can ever take them off. There's always something left back.

When I use my Sonia Kashuk eye makeup remover it comes right off. It baffles me because it's from target, but honestly it's worth it. It's super sensitive, and there is no burning.

I use it with a cotton ball. I really saturate it, then gently wipe everything away. Usually almost everything comes off.

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Crosby M.
Always get this

I've been buying this for years. It lasts forever and is great--it's not greasy or drying. Perfect medium! The price is also very reasonable. It's only about $10 and is a much better value than the more expensive brands.

Raven N.
Great product I am never without

This is my favorite eye makeup remover. I hate having to use ten cotton balls and rub and scrub at my eyes to remove makeup. This stuff works with no effort and is also affordable and gentle on my eyes. It works on ANY makeup and doesn't leave gross, oily residue on my eyes - they just feel clean which is all I could as for in a makeup remover.

Tianna D.
Really Gets The Job Done!

I absolutely love this remover! It gets every thing off my eyes. Including eyelash glue and waterproof mascara. The best part, this isn't a harsh remover. It doesn't sting my eyes and the skin around my eyes actually feels soft and a little nourished after using this. Will undoubtedly repurchase!

Rosa P.
my go to remover

this is the best remover i have ever tried. it doesnt burn my skin like some others and doesnt leave my skin greasy afterwards. it removes everything even the most stubborn waterproof mascaras that i love so much. its a great price for a great product. i just wish that the target wouldnt sell out so fast. i always have to buy them two at a time.

Kim S.

I used nothing but the clinique makeup remover for so long until I discovered this. This stuff works almost as good (notice I say almost lol) not quite, but almost as good! I now use sweet almond oil to remove my eye makeup..takes longer but it's cheaper and safer since it's natural ingredients and also GREAT around the eye area and lashes!

Vania N.

There's nothing I don't love about this product. It takes off all of my eye makeup no matter how dark of a smokey eye I have on, and it doesn't irritate my eyes whatsoever. I think the packaging is cute too.

Melissa E.
The I've EVER Had

I hate rubbing my eyes. Excessive rubbing is a concern of mine when it comes to removing eye makeup. Keep in mind, I only wear waterproof mascara, which is the most difficult to remove. This remover is AMAZING. Minimal rubbing, zero tugging. I soak a cotton pad and hold it up to my eye for about 5 seconds and give a good swipe. Makeup gone!