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Nina P.
klutz-proof luxury

This is as good a brush as any for me to finally pay proper homage to Sonia G. for the ingenuity and thoughtfulness that go into the conception and design of all her makeup brushes. I have a very slight hand tremor which has always made precision work (eyes) somewhat elusive ... and therefore frustrating ... for me. With Sonia's brushes this has become a stressor of the past and now I'm just having fun, which is what makeup should be.

Smudger One does PRECISELY what Sonia G. intended it to do as she "was aiming for a flat pencil design that delivers definition, intensity, and precision without harsh edges.”

Smudger One travels so smoothly along the lashline that I can't really perceive any individual bristles; they move and feel as one. Very Zen. But all this silky softness does not prevent it from performing with the strength and precision of a power tool, so I am free to go as subtle or as intensely dramatic as I please ... hand tremor be damned.

I have all of Sonia G.'s brushes and I'm delighted with them all. They make life ... and makeup ... so much easier and fun. The brush designs are uniquely inventive and all the special tweaks result in foolproof makeup application. The handles are simply gorgeous. More importantly, they are always conceived in harmonious relation with the brush head and its intended brushwork. They strike the perfect balance between sturdy and lightweight for optimal grip. I'm one living proof that Sonia G.'s brushes can make artists of mere mortals.

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Carolyn A.
Lower Lash Precision with Wings!
Carolyn A.'s Review Image

In Photo: Sonia Kashik bent liner, MAC 266, MAC 239, Sonia G Worker One, Smudger One, Builder One, Crease One, and MAC 219.

Smudger One is another gem in my growing Sonia G stash. This little beauty I use for darkening my outer lower lash line with powder shadows and also using it as a precision tool to apply winged shadow beautifully, gently, and easily on my hooded eyes. Couldn’t do that before with anything I owned!

I love using Sonia G’s Pencil One (not pictured) for my inner corner and inner under lash line smudging. The Pencil One can also be used for outer under lash line smudging, however it can’t produce a winged edge. If you like gentle and soft-feeling smudging, Pencil One is totally perfect. For a finer, thinner precision and that winged flexibility, Smudger One is the tool.

The Smudger One is a firmly packed, sharply-tapered, gentle-on-skin, precise tool.

Smudger One’s top edge is thinner than the Sonia Kashuk bent liner and the same thinness as the MAC 266’s top edge, which is really saying something amazing about Sonia’s brush design skills. Its leading edge is also thinner than the tip of a MAC 219 pencil brush when applied to the eye.

When turned sideways, the thickness of Smudger One at the ferrule is about half that of Builder One. Smudger One also has a slightly more squared off top edge, perfect for lining.

If I were into cut crease work (I’m not), I’d use Smudger One for precise edge lining in the socket, using the brush inverted (upside down). It’d also be really cool for architectural looks with powder. (As it’s squirrel, it can’t be used with liquids/creams.)

I haven’t tried this yet, but I’m keen to use it for under-brow highlighting for a really tiny line.

Another loved item. Roll on Sonia G!

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Ekaterina S.

This 'Smudger' series has somewhat surgical precision to it. Darken the lash line and soften the edge. It does it perfectly. It's the ease of applying makeup that makes them unrivalled.

I've been looking for a brush like this but I didn't know that I did. Perfect.

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Julie K.
Great little brush

I purchased this and the Smudger two and I love them both. I prefer the the Smudger two for lining above the eye but this little brush is a bit softer and is great for shadow lining and smoking out the the under eye. I used to own a Paula Dorf Smokie lid brush many years ago which I loved and lost and if my memory serves me correct it is a very, very similar brush. Sonia has done a fantastic job with these brushes and deserves much respect and gratitude for a marvellous collection and beautylish are as always amazing, their customer service is second to none.

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Araceli T.

This brush like the rest of the Sonia G brushes is amazing. Great for precision work and perfect for softening edges.

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Annette M.
Nice brush for smudging but not a must have

This is a nice brush that I use and like, but don't love. The brush is so dense that it does not lay as smooth of a line as I works but it does not glide like her other brushes. it is better than most... as I would give it an 8/10...but not a slam dunk for me like some of her other brushes :)