Hand Food


Melanie G.
Strong scent but great hand cream!

I picked up the travel size “Hand Food” hand cream to try out, because I’m a wee bit obsessed with hand creams and always have to have one by me at all times! lol. The packaging is super pink and adorable (as is all Soap & Glory packaging). It contains shea butter, macadamia, and marshmallow. A lot of reviews of this cream said it was amazing at moisturizing but that the floral scent was overpowering. I agree somewhat…the scent of this cream is pretty strong (and floral), but I have used stronger scented hand creams before from Bath & Body Works. If you don’t like floral scents (or strong scents for that matter) then you may want to skip this product I personally love the scent, though I wish it were a tad bit toned down.

The cream itself is lovely! Super moisturizing, and long lasting as well. I was a little concerned when I first applied it because it seemed thinner than I thought it would be, so I figured it wouldn’t be very moisturizing. I was wrong, though! This cream keeps my hands moisturized for a while, and it has a silky texture once it has absorbed into the skin, which makes it much less greasy compared to thicker creams.

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Ailynn A.
A must have!

This hand cream works like magic in making my hands soft and smooth. I work in a hospital and I tend to wash my hands a lot which results to ugly and very dry hands. This product is my savior. I really love it and the smell is so nice which makes it even more amazing. I honestly can't live without this!

Georgie E.
best hand cream!

I have SOOO many hand creams, they always seem to make my hands slippery and greasy but this doesnt, it adds moisture but not oils and grease! Carry this everywhere with me, YAY :)) <3

Lydia C.
Great product!

I bought the travel size version and ended up getting one for my home and my handbag, I love it so much, it's so moisturising and sinks into your skin without being greasy. The smell is kind of like marshmallows, and it's not overpowering at all :)

Rianna H.

In London, Soap and Glory is found in are big Pharmacy, Boots. It's the shiz-nit. I have incredible dry hands, I work in a lab so I wash and sanitize my hands all day long. My hands are incredible dry, think Desert Dryness. I love the smell and fell, my hands are so moist. Perfect for winter.

Georginaa M.
Love it!

Works wonders on dry even irritated hands! Isn't greasy and sinks in fast without leaving residue, the smell is sooooo lovely just like all their other products, it comes in different sizes so you can have one in you handbag, one in your makeup bag, and a huge one by you bed!! :)x

Meg-Anne G.
If you like the scent, this will be the only hand cream you will ever need...

First of all, it's a strong smell (Very similar to other S&G products such as Hair Supply, Girligo, The Righteous Butter and Eau De Soap and Glory) that some people will dislike, however the cream itself is most probably one of the best creams on the market, it leaves even the dryest hands moisturised after about three uses. The only problem I find with it is the time it stays on your hands, however that can be shortened if you use a small amount more frequently. Will repurchase (and already have), best when in double sized pump bottle available at Christmas.

Emma Rose S.
Does the job..

I got this hand cream in the small travel size, it is alright I guess.. I use quite a few s&g products and this is probably my least favourite. On the plus side it smells nice and moisturises well, I much prefer a few other brands such as, Burts's Bees, beeswax and banana hand cream and LUSH have two really nice ones. I would recommend trying these if you are young like me but your hands look like old ladies.