Wish for the Perfect Palette


Samantha L.

Such a great set! I love it! I'd definitely recommend getting this as a Christmas present for a friend, girlfriend, whomever. I'm guaranteed they'll love it, and they'll love you! It's a worth your money. It's money well-spent!

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Cassidy E.
Review on smashBox

Is really good. But if you drop it there REALLY easy to brake so be careful!! But have fun and the colors are really pigmented. Youvlbget a lot I would really recommend getting this!!!

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Natalie B.

this is an amazing pallet. the makeup looks are endless! it is so worth the money, it is great to get someone who wants a bigger makeup collection. and instad of carrying around individual eyeshadows, they are all there!

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Teariya B.

its perfect it sounds like i could use it for years i luv hows it sounds and i could use it for ever no joke it looks awesome i want to buy it

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Jessica  J.

omg do smash for i would run over my bff for this, no on a serios note what else do you need ,.......loving it .the quality of this product and lasting power of the powders and shadows amazing ..fits compactly into kits and your on your way to work for the day and off to somewhere at night with a quick flip of the lid ...i by 2 hmmmmm yea....

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Holly G.
Everything you could ask for and more!

The smashbox includes absolutely everything! It has every color of eyeshadow I want as well as multiple options of every other type of makeup. Everything goes on so well and looks just how I want it to. I love this product!