Photo Finish Lid Primer


Caitlin F.
Love love love love!!!

So I've always had a problem with my eyeshadow creasing and I could never find a good eyeshadow primer. So I saw a few people saying about how amazing smash box products are and so I bought a kit where it as like the samples of the fave primer, eyeshadow primer, eyeliner, mascara, and a lip gloss. And I fell in love with all of it. But my favorite it's the eyeshadow primer so I went out and bought the regular sized one. I highly recommend this product. It works amazingly!!!

Sierra M.
A Must Have!

I'm in love with this primer! It goes on smoothly and dries extremely quick! At the end of the day/night my eye shadow looks exactly like it did when I put it on! Since I've started using this, I no longer get those irritating makeup creases on my eyelid from the humidity (and I live in Alabama so that's saying something)!

Chelsea R.

I LOVE this lid primer. I won't go back to trying anything else. It's a little bit thicker but it dries fast. It goes on so smooth and since it's nude you can't see any smears. Once I apply my eyeshadow even after a couple of hours there is no crease from the eyeshadow. I use this product everytime I apply eyeshadow and would recommend it to anyone.

Olivia P.

I love this product!!!! My top primer ever. It covers any vains or discoloration and keeps the eye shadow on all day! Very light feeling and never had creasing with this product. It is super smooth also. Its just amazing!

Lauren C.

this is a really good primer, whenever putting any eyeshadows over this your product will look flawless and stay the whole day...if you are going out, or if you are going to a formal event..this would be a good product to use so it never comes off..i recommend this primer to anyone who wants a long lasting look

Violet S.

I love this lid primer! This is what I use daily and in all of my makeup tutorials. It lasts long and stays light and non greasy. great too, when you take doesn't reflect of the camera lighting looking grey or pastey..smooth and bright. I sometime, use it to conceal my dark circles. But it keeps my shadow on perfectly throughout the day!

Katharina W.
powdery finish

I have to say that it's a good primer if you're using a base over it on which the eyeshadows can stick, but without a base the finish is so powdery that very soft eyeshadows can slide off after a few hours...

Jennifer L.

This is my favorite lid primer thus far. I even like it better than the Urban Decay lid primer. It is a little bit thicker and is nude so it helps to correct any discoloration! I have never had an issue with creasing! Just an amazing product!

Katherine Y.

I really like this primer and prefer it over the shadow insurance and the primer potion. This primer definitely has a much more tackier feel which I like. It is not as silky feeling as the other two and is slightly more difficult to blend in but I don't mind.

I feel that my eye make-up sticks to this better than any eye primer I've used. I also have redness around my eye area and this is the perfect primer to help conceal it.

Chelsey C.

My top two favorite eye primers is the urban potion and photo finish! With this primer you only need a tiny bit. Im not crazy about the application wand so I apply it to my hand then apply with fingers or a concealer brush. Long lasting with shadow or wear alone with foundation over it to prevent oil and hide veins.