Limitless Liquid Liner Pen


Shelby B.
oh yeahhh

Mmmhmm I love this liquid liner. I usually hate them because they are so much work. Every time I use a liquid liner I end up with uneven, bumpy lines, and I have a steady hand! But this pen makes it sooo easy to make straight pretty lines. I hate spending money on Products that I run out of... I know, thats dumb, but it drives me nuts! This is one product that I would buy over and over again and not think twice about it.

Ana Elizabeth A.

This is one of the best liquid eyeliners out there! I have Loreal Liquid eyeliner(I forget what it's called sorry) and it does NOT give as much control as this. The pen gives you so much control that I find it easier now to do the cat eye that I've always wanted to do. I love the way it's black black, true black and I love the way it stays on for SO LONG. I love this one and even though it's 25 euro here it's worth buying! I am definitely gonna repurchase this when I run out. Actually I never knew it was waterproof. BONUS!! Love love love!

Jenny C.

This is the third eyeliner pen I've used and to be perfectly honest, I felt it was nothing special. It's a bit watery so I have to make sure it's completely dry before I close my monolid eyes otherwise it smudges. That's not to say that it doesn't work, it's just I paid more for this than my previous pens and probably would have been happy sticking with the more cost effective options.

It definitely has staying power and does have high pigment so a very clear line.

Rachelle R.

I have hooded lids and this long wearing waterproof formula is the tits. <---funny to say. I purchased this because I have lost all hope in drugstore eyeliners. The pen provides lots of control with minimal effort and it is true black. It doesn't crease or get flaky. If you love awesome eyeliner, you'll like this.

Deanna C.
must have!!!!

this is my go to must have liquid liner!! i recommend this to everyone. You can create so many different looks with this liquid liner pen. especially that it's just like a pen and we control how precise you want the line , thickness and from sexy sultry Cleopatra eeye to simple classy cat eye! just a swipe make a difference! i even got one for my mom and have one for the beautiful faces i places makeup on! i love love love the brand and product! enjoy