Full Exposure Mascara

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Jordan K.

Really a great mascara. I have about 3 eyelashes, and they stick STRAIGHT out! I like this mascara because it doesn't clump my lashes...the brush does a great job of spreading the lashes. My eyes are extremely sensitive, and this doesn't irritate them. Wish it was at least water-resistant for those days I have to mess with contacts. Otherwise, I love this mascara.

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Caitlin F.
Best of the best!

So I'm pretty picky when it comes to mascara so when I tried this I had high hopes for it. And I was so right. It is amazing I love it! I use it pretty much every day!! So so so amazing!! I highly highly highly recommend it.

Trea B.

I originally received this product as a free trial with a sephora purchase and instantly fell head over heels! The brush is fabulous! My lashes look outstanding and I always throw it in my to go bag. Smashbox is a great brand, they never let me down!

Kayla R.

This mascara is no doubt one of my all time favorites, my lashes are about average, and this makes them look above and beyond. Love it, and will always repurchase.

Bec S.
really fabulous mascara!

This is a really fabulous mascara! It goes on so smoothly and does a great job of separating the lashes. It goes on perfect every time, nomatter how much of a rush I'm in when applying it. My lashes look really nice with it. Definitely one of my favs!

Victoria B.

This mascara is my favorite mascara ever! I've tried diorshow, and hated it. I've used every maybelline mascara, some I liked a lot, and some not so great. I've tried so many mascaras, I can't even keep track anymore! I used to wear 4 mascaras every day, but once i got a sample of this, I only found myself wearing this one! I get compliments on my lashes every day, and have been told how wide eyed and awake they make me look! I recommend this to anybody that loves big, long, volumized lashes!

Savannah C.

i love this mascara,definitely one of my favorites:) I recommend this to anyone looking for a mascara that gives u full lashes,has a fat brush which is always great ! try it

JodieLynn S.

By far one of my fav mascaras....use it all the time on myself and for photo shoots. Catches every lash and easliy builds to create a fuller look. Love it!

Madison P.
Massive brush! Great for volume

The brush on this little bad boy is HUGE, so it isn't very freindly for people with smaller eyes :( However, it works amazingly. It gives great volume without clumping or giving spider lashes. I would highly recommend it if you have larger eyes and thin lashes

Phoebe L.
Unique, decent mascara

This mascara had a very large brush. Although it was thick(I personally like thick wands) it did not give any volume. It did give really nice length though. I prefer more voluminous produces however, for a natural look this mascara would be perfect to get the job done! It is also very easy to remove as the results are not dramatic. If you are looking for a good quality, moderately priced, natural, lengthening mascara with minimum volume, this mascara is for you!